Looking for the best place to get ice cream in Indy? Do you really want a snow cone or a popsicle? We have the ultimate list of cool places to get a frozen treat! Here are some of our favorite and most unique places to cool down.

Sonic Drive-In

Sonic took the traditional snow cone and made it into a slush! This is way more managable for my kiddos than your typical snow cone. Also, they created some favorite snow cone flavors like Blue Hawaiian and Tigers Blood (WHAT IS THAT ANYWAY?!) but they also have their own top flavor, the Pickle Juice Slush. My daughter Lulu tried the Pickle Juice Slush, you can see her review here.

Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream

Everyone loves science…when it’s edible and delicious! Watch cream freeze right before your eyes in a super cool cloud made from liquid nitrogen. This flash freezing process is a lot of fun to watch. Vegan/non-dairy options available too!

Sno Zone Stand

There’s a curious blue box of a building at the edge of a parking lot in Broad Ripple Village. My kids have been asking us for years to make a stop there, but it’s usually winter or some other non-snow cone time. This summer we stopped in and tried Sno Zone. We each had our own shaved ice packed into a paper cone with a nice, drip-free cone holder. Open daily in June, July and August, 11am-11pm, closed at 10pm on Sundays, make it a new summer stop! Choose from their huge flavor collection and then try Hawaiian Style, a scoop of ice cream under the snow cone or New Orleans Style, cream poured on top of the snow cone.

Calliope Sno-balls

A local food truck/ice cream truck that serves very New Orleans style (cream on top), finely shaved ice in a cup, topped with homemade syrups. For something different, get your stuffed with ice cream. Flavors like Almond Cherry and Blueberry Lemon are winners for my kids. You’ll find them at public and private events like concerts and farmers markets.

Red Line Frozen Yogurt

Red Line Frozen Yogurt, named for the famous Chicago L train Red Line that inspires its décor, is a fun frozen yogurt spot on the south side of Indianapolis. Kids can sit in a train and enjoy their frozen treat!

Mrs. Curl Ice Cream Stand

A south side favorite, you’ll often find lines wrapped around the building. Karaoke on Friday nights during peak times and a community gathering place throughout the summer, Mrs. Curl is a place you have to try! My kids love watching the ducks in the creek below the patio area, but the ice cream is really the biggest draw. Soft served ice cream with flavor bursts or dipped and topped with a little trademark teddy graham. It’s the small things that will have you counting down the days until Mrs. Curl opens each February/March (through October.)

Indulge in Fortville

Famous for specialty ice cream dishes like their Pink Elephant, a tribute to a near Fortville elephant statue, Indulge is a sweet lovers dream. The colorful decor, vintage counter and stools, and delightful ice cream options push my inner child to the edge. Call ahead to check hours, they are sometimes closed for private functions.

Nicey Treat Gourmet Popsicles

Food trucks, popsicle shops and neighborhood stands aren’t the only things that make Nicey Treat and their gourmet popsicles so popular, they have some of the best flavors, using all natural ingredients. Vegan options available too! Popular flavors like Frozen Hot Chocolate, Pink Lemonade and Avocado are what you’ll find when you visit, along with about 15 or more other flavors.

Huddles Frozen Yogurt

Select your favorite flavor of frozen yogurt, fill your cup as much or as little as you need and serve up your own toppings. Choose from cereal, fruit, candy, cookies and a variety of syrups, hot and cold. This ice cream shop on the Monon will keep you cool. The late night weekend hours make Huddles a fun place to hang out and enjoy froyo.

BRICS Broad Ripple Ice Cream Station

Reminiscent of a train station, BRICS is located right on the Monon Trail. Boasting more than 35 different flavors of ice cream with all kinds of cones, everyone loves Broad Ripple Ice Cream Station. Stop in to cool off during the summer and warm up during the winter.