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Have you heard about the giant toilet at kidscommons Columbus IN? It takes pride of place at this children’s museum and play destination situated in the heart of downtown Columbus.

This three-level building honestly has something for everyone. Bring the whole family to explore cultural, engineering, musical, nature, home-making, and craft activities.

Cultural, Nature, and STEM Activities at kidscommons Columbus IN

Near the entrance, the wonderful Japanese home center allows exploration of traditional Japanese culture – from clothing, food, and art, to kneeling at the table!

Carry on to the forest play area to learn about plants, trees, and nature. Pick up new facts about the different creatures living in our woodlands and use those great listening skills to see if your children can tell the difference between wildlife calls.

Learn about world cultures at kidscommons Columbus IN

Towards the back of the first floor, children have the opportunity to practice their architectural abilities. Kids can work on drawing, building blocks, designing with magnetic tiles, and creating their own cityscape. This is your chance to be the town planner! Decide where the courthouse, firehouse, and school are placed, as well as the green open spaces. My 2-year-old loves this area as it’s where the wooden train track is set up!

Time to explore the second level! You will find many tabletop toys such as Stickle bricks, magnets, and wheels. This collection of activities is always rotating. Sometimes, they even have a giant chessboard!

Learn the Inner Workings of a House

By now you will have seen the ExploraHouse, our very favorite part of kidscommons Columbus IN. This structure has all the usual rooms an ordinary home would have, except the design of the exhibit allows children to learn about the inner workings of a real house. Opaque walls reveal plumbing and insulation. In the kitchen, children can explore temperature regulation by watching where the heat emits from their bodies. Where does the most heat escape? Which is the coolest part of our body? Children are also able to look in the cupboards and fridge while considering “What’s for dinner?”

Don’t forget to travel down the pipes of the giant flushable toilet in the bathroom. I won’t go into that too much as I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

Get flushed down the giant toilet at kidscommons Columbus IN

You can choose to check out the attic, but be aware that things start to become more confined! Crossing the rope bridge walkway by the attic is just the beginning of the tight spaces, but if your children don’t mind scrambling and crawling a bit, they’ll have a blast.

Make Giant Bubbles

Outside the house, there are still further things to discover. For example, the giant bubble tunnel and the huge bubble table with fun, shaped wands. Be prepared to get a little wet but, hey, it’s all part of the sensory experience! There are also hand dryers available.

Make giant bubbles at kidscommons Columbus IN

Do Some Pretend Camping

The newest addition to kidscommons is the camping area on the 3rd level. It involves all the camping fun but without any of the dirt and mosquitos. Children can collect sticks and have fun by the faux campfire, ‘roast’ marshmallows, and go fishing. As throughout the rest of kidscommons, there are lots of learning opportunities on this floor too.

The great thing about each play space is that everything is designed for kids so that nothing is off limits. Have fun and be as creative as you want – whatever your imagination allows for!

Do some pretend camping at kidscommons Columbus IN

Spend the Whole Day in Columbus

Whether you live in Columbus or want to make a day trip from Indy, kidscommons Columbus IN is a fantastic destination, no matter your kids’ ages. For $9 each, it really is a bargain for the hours you can spend here.

Make a day of it and explore what the rest of this historical city has to offer! Across the street, you’ll find The Commons playground, and just down the street is Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor and Museum, which has been serving customers since 1900.


Hours are accurate at the time of publishing but may change at any time. Please verify directly with the institution before you visit.

Monday-Thursday: 10 am-1 pm; 2-5 pm; 5:30-7:30 pm
Friday-Saturday: 10 am-1 pm; 2-5 pm
Sunday: 2-5 pm

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Visit kidscommons Columbus IN | Cool Children’s Museum 1 Hour From Indy

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