The Commons

Columbus, Indiana has some great attractions for families! You can easily spend a whole day, even a weekend here.  One of the main attractions is The Commons. This event center featuring an amazing, must-visit indoor playground is managed by the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department. It is sometimes known affectionately by locals as the Commons Mall as it was once part of the downtown mall in Columbus.  

Located Near Kid Favorite Attractions

The entrance to The Commons is situated across the street from the 120 year old ice cream parlor Zaharakos and kidscommons Children’s Museum. Look out for the giant C’s to point you in the right direction. Explore this wonderful, indoor, 5,000 square foot facility for absolutely FREE! It has recently undergone some amazing renovations which included adding fun new features such as a light tunnel, musical interaction, slides, sensory experiences, and a water cylinder which children can use to make their own tornado. 

Scale the Enormous Luckey Climber

For those of you who have visited The Commons in the past, never fear! The Luckey Climber by the floor to ceiling windows is still the pride of the place. This 35ft high jungle-gym type structure is a unique creation comprising 50 platforms that children can ascend to the tippy top. This climber is large enough for everyone in the family, parents included! Adults often climb alongside their children and from the top, you have a great view of the unique features of the Commons as well as the city outside the giant windows. You may have seen similar Luckey Climbers in Playscape at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and Kid City in Greenwood, yet each one is unique to its destination to ensure maximum fun. 

The Commons play area has just two ways in and out, so caregivers can easily observe children. Seating options are available both inside and outside the play area, and all have views of both entrances/exits. A continual bench runs around most of the play area. It also conveniently doubles up as an irresistible jumping platform for the kiddos!

Pack Lunch or Choose a Restaurant

Outside one of the exits are a number of tables and chairs. You could absolutely bring a picnic or take advantage of one of two restaurant options to really settle in for the whole day! Birthday parties are also welcome, though any food carried in must not require crock pots or other heaters. There is no food or drink allowed on the play area platform.  

Spaces Designed for All Age Groups

The Commons caters to all ages and is seamlessly split into areas for toddlers (6months-2 years), preschoolers (ages 2-5 years), big kids (ages 5-12 years), and the Luckey Climber (ages 5-12 years). There is lots of room for adults and observers to socialize together while kids interact and explore the playground. The rubber flooring means that crawlers and early walkers can enjoy themselves without fear of hurting themselves.  

The family restrooms at The Commons are right by the playground and in the main area to the right of the playground. Larger men’s and women’s restrooms are also available for use. All restrooms have changing facilities and are clean and fully stocked.

Parking is wonderfully simple as Downtown Columbus has a whole street of free parking. The parking garage within walking distance is also free on the weekend.


Monday-Thursday: 10am-9pm
Friday-Saturday: 7am-9pm
Sunday: 10am-8pm

300 Washington St

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