Faeries, Sprites, & Lights at Minnetrista

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We have a whole team of fairy loving kiddos in our house and dressing up for the fun is just the beginning. We love attending all of the Indiana fairy events, but this one is tops on our list for the price, value and experience.

Faeries Lights & Sprites at Minnetrista

This gorgeous event takes place July 25th – 27th, 2019. Fairies and sprites should arrive at 5pm and and are welcome to stay until the fairy parade takes you out of the gardens at 9pm. Admission is $8 for each person, but you can grab $6 presale tickets through July 18th. Children two years old and younger are free.

There will be crafts, music, dancing, and much more. Minnetrista is located in Muncie, about 40 minutes from downtown Indy and 25 from Carmel.

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Faeries, Lights and Sprites at Minnetrista is one of the most magical nights that our family has ever been a part of…and we keep going back for more every year!

Imagine hundreds of little fairies walking through beautiful gardens, dancing to violin and fiddle music while waving ribbons and sparkly things or twirling in a garden of bubbles. And it’s all real.

Grab your favorite fairy or sprite and don your fairy wings, this night is magical!

Children typically dress up but it’s not required.

More info and tickets

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