Tilly’s Tea Room & Eaterie | Stunning Lunch Spot in Saks Fifth Avenue

Tilly's Tea Room & Eaterie | Stunning Lunch Spot in Saks Fifth Avenue

Tilly’s Tea Room & Eaterie is as fancy as it gets for a ladies’ lunch or afternoon tea. Located on the third floor of Saks Fifth Avenue in The Fashion Mall at Keystone, Tilly’s Tea Room delivers a wide variety of delicious hot teas, scrumptious salads, paninis, and soups, afternoon tea service, and dessert in a gorgeous setting with chandeliers, beautiful seating options, and impeccable service.

I love Tilly’s Tea Room for a get-together for lunch because it never feels too crowded or too loud. There are also several long tables that would be perfect for a baby shower or birthday gathering. Tilly’s Tea Room offers a Princess Tea meal and Kids Mocktail for children 12 and younger. If you love tea, or are looking for a refined dining experience, check out Tilly’s Tea Room. It is conveniently located in The Fashion Mall at Keystone, so you can get some shopping done after your meal without having to leave the building.

Tilly’s Tea Room & Eaterie

Nestled inside Saks Fifth Avenue, Tilly’s Team Room & Eaterie brings a modern tea room experience with a touch of traditional British charm. Upon walking into the Tea Room, you’ll adore the sparkling chandeliers, displays of teapots, teacups, and saucers, and beautifully set tables and comfortable chairs and sofas. Grab a seat at the fancy lounge sofa to catch up with a friend over a pot of tea or sit in the middle of the Team Room at a table big enough to hold your soup, salad, panini, scones, and crumpets! At Tilly’s Team Room, you can take your time and savor your tea and meal.

About Tilly’s Tea Room

Tilly’s Team Room & Eaterie offers a delightful fusion of contemporary allure and quintessential British charm. The owner and founder of Tilly’s Team Room is Sharon Moore, who is originally from New Castle, England. Her career with the BBC and Champ Car Racing brought her to the Indianapolis area. When she attended University in England (that’s plain ‘ol “college” to us Hoosiers), she worked in bars and restaurants, so it was not a far-fetched idea to open her very own tea room in Indiana.

Tilly’s Tea Room is named after Sharon’s daughter, Tilly. Although Tilly’s Tea Room has had locations in other parts of Indianapolis throughout the years, their sole store today is in Saks Fifth Avenue at in The Fashion Mall at Keystone.

Sip and Savor Loose Leaf Teas

Tilly’s Tea Room offers a variety of loose leaf teas to choose from. Whether you want a caffeinated Earl Grey or a non-caffeinated herbal mix, you will find something that interests you on the menu. Each pot of tea is only $4.50 and includes refills of hot water. At that price though, I had to try a couple of different flavors. The vanilla and chai were both delicious with a drop of cream. I loved the cute little pots of tea and saucers that the teacups came out on. Each is unique with a story behind it, I’m sure!

For a special occasion, you’ve got to experience Afternoon Tea service. For $35 per person, you are treated to a pot of tea, six assorted tea sandwiches, miniature dessert bites, and scones. The scones are the highlight of the event and include a range of traditional flavors such as blueberry vanilla alongside chef-inspired creations like pina colada and cherry almond white chocolate. These delectable scones are accompanied by Tilly’s creative preserves, including unique blends like pineapple pinot grigio and raspberry merlot, all served on a beautiful three-tier stand.

Authentic English Dining with a Modern Spin

Come to lunch hungry because Tilly’s Tea Room & Eaterie offers soups, salads, paninis, sandwiches, and an impressive dessert list.  My ham and brie sandwich was perfectly crafted and the wedge salad was light and crisp. The Pair Two option gives you the opportunity to try half of a sandwich and salad. Other items on the menu include a seared salmon salad, a chicken pesto panini, a homemade egg salad sandwich, sorbet, flourless chocolate cake, and English spotted dick (an English-styled steamed pudding with caramel drizzle). The soup of the day when I was last in was tomato basil. Also offered are a full charcuterie board and avocado toast which pair wonderfully with a pot of tea.

You have to save room for the crumpets and scones with clotted cream! Their homemade preserves and signature clotted cream are the bee’s knees. If you’ve never had clotted cream, it can be described as boasting a rich, sweet flavor like heavy cream, coupled with a texture akin to butter. Tilly’s happens to be the sole supplier of clotted cream in the U.S. After trying it for the first time a few years ago, I’m absolutely a fan now. At Tilly’s, you won’t be able to get enough of the authentic, homemade clotted cream. You’ll want to purchase a jar to take home!

Princess Tea and Mocktails for the Kids

If you’ve got a little princess or prince at home, watch them walk into Tilly’s Tea Room & Eaterie in complete awe. It’s probably one of the fanciest places they’ll have been to! Tilly’s offers a Kids Mocktail which is a mixed berry spritz, whipped cream, and sprinkles served in a real champagne glass.

The Princess Tea (although the menu says Princess Tea it was described by our server as for princes or princesses aged 12 and under) includes one heart-shaped sandwich: ham & cheese, turkey & cheese, Nutella, or a PB&J scone with Tilly’s signature fresh clotted cream and strawberry jam, an assortment of two miniature seasonal desserts, an additional sandwich, and a pot of hot tea, milk, apple juice, orange juice, or Ribena. I discovered Ribena while studying abroad and Tilly’s is one of the only places I’ve seen it on a menu in the U.S. The taste may appeal to children if they like juice boxes! It’s a sweet blackcurrant drink that can be mixed with water or sparkling water to taste.

Baby Showers and Birthday Parties

Tilly’s Tea Room & Eaterie not only provides a splendid afternoon tea experience but also serves as a versatile venue for various special occasions. The elegant and spacious dining room is the perfect place for an intimate party or a memorable bridal or baby shower. The dining room can seat up to 180 people with a flexible layout, or you can host a small bridal shower or baby sprinkle at one of the beautiful long tables, so it is the perfect space for any occasion. An Afternoon Tea party, for example, is $45 per person and includes table linens, fine china, hot and iced tea, finger sandwiches, homemade fruit scones with fresh clotted cream, and miniature desserts.

Bring Tilly’s Home

Consider catering a special event with Tilly’s. Their delectable charcuterie and hors d’oeuvres selections add a touch of sophistication to office meetings and gatherings. Tilly’s also has an extensive shop in-store and online. Stop by the store to pick up gift cards, fig & earl grey preserves, cherry almond white chocolate scones, strawberry champagne preserves, lively lemon curd, bacon smoked gouda scones, spinach feta scones, Moroccan mint loose leaf tea, snowflake black loose leaf tea, and Tilly’s signature clotted cream.

If anybody is wondering, I’d love to receive some clotted cream as a birthday or holiday gift!! Or loose leaf chai tea. Honestly, anything from Tilly’s would be great! The goodies make perfect teacher, hostess, or holiday gifts. Be sure to order your items online to ensure they have everything that you want in stock before you head in.

Make a Reservation

Make plans to have your next lunch meet-up at Tilly’s Tea Room & Eaterie. Tilly’s is the spot for indulging in the cherished tradition of afternoon tea with a dash of sophistication and an abundance of fun! Give yourself enough time to savor your tea and your time in the luxurious space. The atmosphere is a genuine escape from the hustle and bustle of life, offering a delightful retreat. Tilly’s is open Tuesday – Saturday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Reservations can be made by clicking here or by clicking on Reservations on their website.

After you’ve thoroughly enjoyed your time at Tilly’s, walk off your meal and hit up the many shops inside The Fashion Mall at Keystone. It’s all connected to Saks Fifth Avenue so you don’t have to go outside at all. There is even a covered parking garage so you can stay out of the elements in the winter!

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