Seashore Waterpark in Lebanon

When we heard the Seashore Waterpark (130 E Ulen Dr, Lebanon, Indiana) was opening for the Summer, we were so excited to get out and visit. We knew we had to make it for opening day. We got ready and left early, anticipating a large crowd. It was a good thing, too, because the people of Lebanon were just as ready! We arrived twenty minutes prior to the posted opening time, and there were already around forty people in line ahead. If today was indicative of the rest of the season, I have two arrival recommendations.

The first one is to give yourself plenty of time for any packing up mishaps and get there BEFORE the waterpark opens, so you can feel certain to be guaranteed a spot. If you go this route, be prepared to wait and entertain the kids in the meantime. They can see all the water fun through the gate while waiting in line, and all that excitement could try an adult’s patience, wanting to be inside playing! We love the Heads Up app as a great way to pass the time, any time we have an extended wait. All ages in our family enjoy this guessing game, and it helps the time fly by.

My alternate recommendation is to wait to arrive. By arriving before the opening time, we spent fifty minutes in line, from arrival to admission. By 1 pm, no one was waiting in line and everyone arriving at that time was walking right up to get checked in. In hindsight, I wish we had waited, but you never know how an opening day is going to go.

Changes for 2020

The Seashore Waterpark has changed things this season for their entrance procedure. Once you make it to the admittance window, a masked attendant will ask if anyone in your party has experienced cough, fever, shortness of breath, flu-like symptoms, or if anyone in your party has been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last fourteen days. After answering these questions, you will receive a laminated set of rules and recommendations (enter at your own risk, wash hands often, do not move pool chairs, etc.) Another masked attendant will then escort you to your lounge chairs. There is no limit to the number of people who can be in your party, but chairs will be arranged to have a six-foot empty space on either side of your group to allow for social distancing.

Attractions at the Waterpark

Once inside the waterpark, there is so much fun to be had! The largest attractions are the two large red and yellow water slides. We loved both of them! The red slide has a required minimum rider height of 42”. The red slide is completely covered and lets out in an area of ankle-deep water, so you can easily stand and walk out. The yellow slide has a required minimum rider height of 48”. This slide is not covered and lets out in a small wading pool that is 3.5’ deep.

There are two other features located next to the water slides. One is the lily pad water walk, where you can try to balance while holding the netting above and attempt to walk across the leisure pool. If you slip on a lily pad, and they are very slippery, you can feel safe knowing the depth here is also only 3.5’.

The second feature is the lazy river. There are no tubes available at this time, but this didn’t stop anyone from enjoying being carried by the current. There is also a small whirlpool in the middle of the lazy river, and the whole river maintains the 3.5’ depth.

Continuing over, the next attraction is the kiddie pool, starting at zero entry and going to 3’ at its deepest. The kiddie area has two small slides, interactive water tools, geysers, and a giant bucket that fills to spill and splash everyone below.

The final water attraction is the wave pool, which is one of only four in the state! The wave pool starts at zero entry with tiny geysers for littles to enjoy, and goes to a maximum depth of 5’. It was so much fun for kids of all ages, since they can choose the area they are comfortable with the wave heights.

Other Amenities

There is a very reasonably priced concession stand, if you plan to make a whole day of it here. Restrooms, showers, changing tables, and water fountains are located directly across from the kiddie pool area. The waterpark is open now through September 7, 2020. The waterpark is located in Lebanon Memorial Park, which also contains a playground and covered picnic tables, as well as a basketball, volleyball, and tennis court, if you are looking to stay and play!

Things to Know Before You Go

No outside food, drink, or coolers are allowed (Sippy cups and refillable plastic bottles are allowed. Fountain drinks at the concession stand do not offer lids. Straws are available upon request.)

Maximum capacity is currently 422. By 2 pm on the day of our visit, they were at half capacity. Even then, the park did not feel crowded.

No individual arm floaties or other floatation devices are allowed at this time. The only exception is puddle jumpers.

Due to the capacity limit, they are not allowing exit/re-entry, so make sure you have everything with you when heading in.

There will be no season passes processed for this year.

An additional staff position has been created to allow for 30 minute rotations to include cleaning and sanitizing. This includes restrooms/ changing areas, handrails, concession tables, and vacated lounge chairs after guests leave. I witnessed several areas being thoroughly cleaned during our visit.

Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance and concession stand.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Wednesday 11 am-7 pm
  • Thursday-Saturday 11 am-6 pm
  • Sunday noon-6 pm


  • Children under 2 FREE
  • Ages 2-4: Resident $3, Non-Resident $5
  • Ages 5-17: Resident $5, Non-Resident $7
  • Ages 18+: Resident $6, Non-Resident $8
  • Twilight (after 4 pm, Monday – Wednesday) $3


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  1. Looks amazing and the price to get in is wonderful. Thank you for the article, very informative and sounds amazingly fun!!!

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