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We know that traditional slumber parties have been one of the necessary casualties of the COVID 19 pandemic. We’re not suggesting you do anything to put your family or friends in danger, but we want to tell you about a business that two local moms started and have pivoted to meet the new needs of families.

Indianapolis area moms, Amy and Sara have created a super easy way for you to elevate your next sleep over event. Twilight Slumber Parties is a service that provides decorated kids tent and teepee sleepover parties to amazing kids in the Indianapolis area. From sibling pajama parties to family sleep overs, there are still some great ways to fill that overnight party void.

Twilight Slumber Parties provides everything needed, sanitized in storage bins. Delivery and pickup are contact free. The Twilight Slumber Parties team includes easy DIY instructions with photos and tips for styling and decorating. They even have the tents all put together for you, all you have to do is open them!

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Create a Slumber Party Theme

The theme of your party can be centered around a specific color palate, a movie or television show, a food or beverage, a holiday, a favorite pastime. Really, anything can become a theme or focal point of the party. Some themes that Twilight Slumber Parties currently carries are: Magical Unicorn, Blush & Gold, All Star (sports theme), Fuchsia Fun, Movie Night, Sweet Dreams and coming soon, Mermaids.

Set a Party Budget

Work with the guest of honor to establish a budget for their party. Take in to account food, drinks, decor, invitations, games, prizes and other expenses. Working together on this will help your kiddo learn about money and the cost of things. Determining a budget will also help you figure out the guest list. Just for reference, we found that the average party package at a venue is $300 for 2 hours of fun with 10 guests. If you’re doing an at home party, we love the idea of Twilight Slumber Parties because the set-up doubles as decor AND an activity. Party packages from TSP start at $200.

Plan Your Guest List

During COVID times, as we’ve come to call these months in 2020 and 2021, your guest list might look very different than it normally would. Perhaps you’re planning a special social distancing birthday for your kiddo and having a special night for your immediate family to camp out in the family room. Another idea is to invite members of your “bubble” if this is a COVID practice you have adopted. Amy and Sara shared a story of a grandmother who hosted her six grandchildren for a sleepover in her home. Some of our friends have even been known to put together fun birthday boxes and drop them at the homes of their guests — later, everyone dials in to a video call for a virtual party. This can be replicated for slumber parties too!

Knowing who is on your guest list will help you plan for supplies like food, party favors, decor, games and activities. Twilight Slumber Parties offers set ups for 8-10 guests depending on your theme.

Send Out the Invites

Purchase or create custom invites that you can send or drop off to your invited guests. If your guests live in your own home, set them up on top of pillows or bathroom mirrors to give the air of formality. If your event is virtual, be sure to include details about how the party will take place and what the guest can expect from you (item drop off, a Zoom link.) One local family dropped off matching pajamas and slippers for their guests as part of the invitation package. Who could say no to that?!

Slumber Party Snacks and Food

Snacks and beverages that match your theme can be so much fun to plan. If planning this out isn’t something that brings you happiness, then just go for the popular stand-byes. Pizza (like this giant pizza that’s as big as a preschooler!), quick and easy popcorn recipes, soda pop and candy. Be aware of any dietary restrictions present in the group and communicate with those who have sensitivities or restrictions so they are aware of what to expect and can help you plan for their needs. Don’t forget about breakfast ideas that you can make at home, a sheet pan pancake that the guests can help make, or call it in and get the best donuts!

Establish rules ahead of time for where food can be consumed. Twilight Slumber Parties suggests that guests do not eat in the sleeping areas in order to avoid grease stains and other impossible to remove spills.

Design a Slumber Party Space

Set up a designated space for sleepover party activities and sleeping. Make it comfortable and fun. Twilight Slumber Parties DIY kits can be dropped off (certain locations) or picked up. Each kit comes with a set up for each guest that includes decorations, a teepee, an air mattress, bed linens, decorative pillows, plush rugs and more to make the perfect sleepover setting. Just add guests! Unwrap each tent and spread it out, follow the DIY instructions and you’ll have the most Instagram-able, comfortable and talked about overnighter!

Communicate with Parents of Your Guests

Be sure that parents know how to reach you and that you know how to reach them in case a situation arises. Discuss options that each child has for returning home in the event that they get homesick or don’t feel well. Find out if any of your guests have food allergies or other medical needs that will need your attention, such as medication. Let parents know which movies you plan on sharing with the kids so that they can opt their child out of a movie that they may not want them to see.

Establish a “Lights Out” Time

The party doesn’t need to end and sleep doesn’t need to be forced, but at a certain time, the lights should be lowered and the evening festivities and activities should be replaced with quiet fun. This is the perfect time to turn on a movie and encourage your guests to make their way to their own bed area. Twilight Slumber Parties DIY kits make this space so special, so inviting and so personal, that bed time will be a treat! Let the guest continue to chat in lowered voices, the best fun is the time spent talking, telling stories and sharing memories.

Sleep Over Activities and Fun

Create an order or list of activities, but don’t plan out the timing. That way if everyone is happy doing something, they can spend as much time as they want on it, but if it’s time to move on, there’s some direction for that.

Popular overnighter activities are baking, arts and crafts, video games, board games, movies, spa activities and just hanging out.

Our children love the traditional party ideas like going toilet papering and making prank calls. If these activities are on the agenda, arrange a phone list ahead of time of friends and family who are willing to play along with the fun. If your kids are going toilet papering, one idea is to let them get started and then have them get caught in the act after a couple of minutes.

Stay Away and Have Fun

If this isn’t a family slumber party and instead is a sleepover for a group of friends, be sure that siblings are aware if they are invited or included in certain activities. As the adult, keep your appropriate distance. Obviously, this varies depending on the ages, abilities and needs of the guests. The best memories are made when there’s a feeling of a little bit of freedom.

Selfies and Photographs

Be sure to snap some photos and leave the digital camera behind for the guest of honor and their friends to document their fun. After the party is over, put together a photo book full of these memories.

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