Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream Shop

We were so excited to check out Sub Zero Ice Cream that we invited our playgroup to try it with us. We signed up for the Sub Zero’s STEM Class. I never saw the kids love science so much, and they were fascinated by the program.

SubZero Ice Cream Shop

The ice cream was amazing. First, you pick a base liquid for your ice cream. The original cream is a standard option, but they have vegan and low-fat cream choices too.

Then, the cream, flavors, and mix-ins are turned into ice cream right before your eyes with liquid nitrogen. The resulting ice cream is so creamy, but not too cold. We loved our visit, and cannot wait to come back and try new combinations.
If you have not tried Sub Zero yet, it should be added to your summer bucket list.

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111 West Main Street, suite 130

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