State Fair Kids Activities | Taking Toddlers and Babies to the 2023 Indiana State Fair

We’ve taken newborn babies to the Indiana State Fair five different years and I’ve never regretted it. Of course, it’s been more fun as they’ve grown older, but there’s no reason why everyone can’t have a blast. Many popular State Fair kids activities are as entertaining for the tiny fairgoers as they are for the big kids! Here are our tips and some information you might need when considering taking your baby to the Indiana State Fair this year.

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Indiana State Fair kids activities: Take babies and toddlers to play at Little Hands on the Farm.

How Much Does it Cost to Bring My Baby to the Fair?

Admission is $14 per person, but children 5 and under are free. You can also take advantage of other free days and discount days or buy tickets in advance!

Is There Food or Drink for My Baby at the Fair?

If you have a sippy cup or bottle, the Dairy Bar will fill them for free! Our little ones love eating at the Dairy Bar but if you have teeny ones, you’ll want to pack your own food. Plan for hot temperatures and keep those foods cool while you’re enjoying all the State Fair kids activities!

Is the Indiana State Fair Stroller and Wagon Friendly?

We bring our stroller and wagon every single year. You won’t have a problem using it anywhere. In fact, if you’d rather, you can rent a stroller or wagon at the Indiana State Fair! Stroller: $11/day, Double Stroller or Wagon: $17/day. Find rental services at the Main Gate, Gate 12, and in the Grand Hall.

Are There Baby- and Toddler-Friendly State Fair Kids Activities?

ANIMALS! Take your babies to see the animals and feed the animals! The Pioneer Village is so much fun for kids to see, the entertainment at the Family Fun Park is fantastic, AND Little Hands on the Farm is one of our favorite State Fair kids activities. Head to the DNR Building to give your baby a view of all the fish in the big tanks. My littles love spotting and taking photos with all of the mascots. Here are some more FREE things to do with kids at the Indiana State Fair.

Indiana State Fair kids activities: See the fish in the DNR building.

What Can I Bring to the Indiana State Fair?

Food and beverages are permitted but no alcohol or glass containers. Bring those baby bottles, snacks, and packed lunches! Safety policies only allow small clutch-sized bags, but diaper bags are permitted! All bags are subject to searches.

Where Are the Nursing/Breastfeeding Areas at the Indiana State Fair?

Breastfeeding mothers and their families are welcome at the two Lactation Stations. The Milk Bank, in partnership with Metro Indy Lactation Coalition (MILC), is providing two lactation stations at the Indiana State Fair. Look for Mamavas in the Family Fun Park area, near Little Hands on the Farm, and in Indiana Farmer’s Coliseum.

Where Can I Find a Diaper Changing Table

Diaper changing stations are located in the Red Cross at the Public Safety Center and in the Red Cross at Hook’s Historic Drug Store. Both Mamava stations, in the Family Fun Park and in Indiana Farmer’s Coliseum, have their own changing tables.

Where Can I Find or Be Reunited with My Lost Children at the Fair?

Contact the Public Safety Center at 317-927-1400 with any reports of lost children. Lost children found should be taken to the Indiana State Police Information Booths located in the Public Safety Center (Gate 6), across from the Administration Building, and across from the Tractor Supply Co. FFA Pavilion (Gate 12). The State Police can be reached at the northeast information booth by calling (317) 927-7665 and at the southwest information booth at (317) 927-7666.

Indiana State Fair Kids Activities: Visit animals with your babies and toddlers.

Where is First Aid at the Indiana State Fair?

First Aid is located in Hook’s Historic Drug Store Annex, near the 38th Street Main Gate (Gate 1), at the Public Safety Center near Fall Creek Parkway (Gate 6) and in front of the Tractor Supply Co. FFA Pavilion. If you need an ambulance service, call 927-7520.

Are There Free or Discounted Fair Tickets?

YES! Click here for a full list of discounts and free days at the Indiana State Fair!

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  2. I cannot live without this page! I have a 3 year old boy and 1 year old girl and we are always on the go. I’m able to be home with them 3 days a week and the demand for activities is high! We do lots of fun (and free!) stuff and I post a lot of it and when I talk to people they say “how do you find all this fun stuff to do!?” I always tell them to check out this page. I’m from Indy and we did lots of stuff growing up and this page has alerted me to so many fun things in our area. Thank you!

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