The Ag Hort Building

You might not think that Agriculture and Horticulture are your thing, but after a visit to the Ag-Hort Building, you’ll have a new appreciation for the sciences! This air conditioned building offers a lot of free make and take opportunities, cooking demonstrations (with samples and bench seating), CAN-struction — circus themed displays build entirely out of canned foods, the giant cheese sculpture and some of the biggest and best vegetables and plants grown in Indiana.

The Fair Tractor Shuttle

Some kids love the Tractor Shuttle at the Indiana State Fair even better than they love the midway. Breeze through the fair at a nice pace as the wind blows through your hair. See the whole fair for only $1 per loop. ADA accessible options too!

Pathways to Water Quality

What could be cooler than a whole area dedicated to water quality? Take a stroll through this area that’s mostly shaded throughout much of the day. Get splashed by a spray of water if you wish, learn about how water quality can be protected and fill up your water bottles with fresh well water pumped right before you.

Air Conditioned Buildings

Many of the buildings throughout the Fair have their A/C on full blast. The Glass Barn offers seating, hands on activities for the kids, daily chats with Indiana Farmers — live from their farms and even earn milkshake coupons for answering questions. Play the BEANgo game to get a hat that will provide you shade. Go snap a family photo in the photo booth — there’s a underwater background option that will add to keeping you cool. 🙂

FFA Building Playground & Mini-Golf

On the north side of the fairgrounds, the FFA building has a free game of (mostly) indoor mini golf and an indoor, farm themed playground with benches for seating. Cool off in the shaded, open air building for a change of pace.

DNR Building

The Natural Resources building on the north side of the fairgrounds has a sculpture in front of if that has mist for the kids to walk around. You won’t actually play IN the sculpture, but you can catch a breeze of mist as you walk around it. Inside the DNR building, you’ll learn about butterflies, birds and everything in between.


Fair Rides

Grab a handful of tickets or go on a wristband day so you can fly through the air. Get wet on the Log Flume ride and catch some air on the swings.

Misting Fans

They’re found scattered throughout the fairgrounds and when you approach one, you’ll likely see a group of people standing in the fine mist spray of water. Most of them will be adults. It’s hot at the fair! If you want to hit the motherlode of misting stations, there’s a few ez-up tents and fans set up along the alley on the west side of the Glass Barn building.

The Waybetter Strawberry Milk Shake

The Polar Bear Ice Cream booth has a milkshake that will make you the talk of the fair — meaning, everyone will talk to you as you walk around with it. Trust me, everyone wants to know what it is, where to get it… A homemade strawberry shake topped with two cupcakes, a sponge cake, a lollipop, fresh strawberries, whipped cream and Fruity Pebbles in a souvenir cup across from the Department of Natural Resources Building.

Hooks Drug Store

This drug store and museum is open daily during the Indiana State Fair. Stop in and enjoy an old fashioned ice cream soda from the recreated Victorian Soda Fountain. Soda jerks will craft your drink by hand and you’ll want to visit more than during the State Fair.

The Indiana Dairy Bar

A meal and a cold treat at the Dairy Bar are one of the top fair traditions for most Indiana families. The meals and entrees are priced just right and their annual grilled cheese sandwiches of the year are always delicious. In addition, the Dairy Bar always has a brand new milkshake flavor. This year, the sprinkle topped Birthday Cake Shake will cool your tastebuds.

Indiana Beer, Wine & Spirits in the Grand Hall

Visit one of the favorite exhibition halls for adult fairgoers. This air conditioned space is open for those 21 and over. Fairgoers under 21 years of age can enter with an adult. Visitors can purchase tastings of Indiana beer, wine and spirits or buy their favorites by the glass.