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There is so much to love about the Indiana State Fair. Maybe you head to the fairgrounds for the Midway Rides or to catch a free concert. Perhaps your kids can’t wait to meet all the adorable animals or play farmer-for-a-day at Little Hands on the Farm. You might even check out all the fascinating agricultural exhibits with your children as a homeschool or personal field trip.

Whatever your reasons for visiting, can we all agree that the FOOD is one of the best parts of the fair?

Taste of the Fair Official Food Contest

Now that we’ve united around this common love of eating delicious things, it’s time to pick sides. Taste of the Fair is the official Indiana State Fair food contest and you and your family are invited to cast your vote! Download this map as your guide to all the food stands selling this year’s entries for the 2022 Taste of the Fair People’s Choice Award. Eat your way around the fairgrounds and then vote online for the cuisine you deem most worthy of State Fair stardom.

Making your choice may be difficult. The concessionaires have put up some amazing NEW food items this year. Whether you’re looking for sweet, savory, or even a little shocking, the Indiana State Fair has you covered!

The 2022 Indiana State Fair is open July 29-August 21 (closed Mondays and Tuesdays).

2022 Taste of the Fair Entries


State Fair Charcuterie Board

Urick Concessions

Caramel Corn, Funnel Cakes, Mini Corn Dogs, Popcorn, and two Cotton Candy flavors. Find them in the Ag/Hort Shopping District.

Pickle Pizza

Swain’s Concessions

It definitely has shock value. But it’s also delicious! A pillowy crust topped with dill ranch sauce, mozzarella cheese, and dill pickles. Get your slice from the stand near the Hoosier Lottery Free Stage.

Nitro Fuel

Goodwin’s Pork-N-More

A sweet, yummy blend of lemonade, iced tea, and blue raspberry flavor. Non-alcoholic. Look for the bright blue Twisted Drinks booths on the NW corner of the loop across from the 4-H exhibit hall, as well as on State Fair Boulevard by the Indiana Arts Building.

Boba Fun Cup

Goodwin’s Pork-N-More

Layers of vanilla ice cream, gummy bears, fruity boba pearls, and strawberries. This one is destined to be a hit with your kids! Also found at the Twisted Drinks booths across from the 4-H exhibit hall and near the Indiana Arts Building.

Deep Fried Brownies

R&W Concessions

Deep fried and delicious! Order a tray of 6 to share as a family. Brownies deep-fried in funnel cake batter, topped with powdered sugar and chocolate drizzle. Get them from the booth just south of the DNR building.

Deep Fried Cheese Stick

R&W Concessions

Did you even go to the State Fair if you don’t eat something deep fried? This one’s pretty self-explanatory: A mozzarella cheese stick deep fried in corn dog batter.  Check it out at the booth across from the DNR building.

Peach Shake Up

R&W Concessions

A fresh twist on the lemon classic! Peach flavoring gives this sweet summertime drink a refreshing update. Purchase yours along with some deep fried goodies across from the DNR building.

Mint Cookie Milkshake

American Dairy Association Indiana, Inc.

The minty chocolate milkshake of the year at the Dairy Bar comes with Girl Scout Thin Mints cookie crumbles as a topping.

Quick Quesadilla

American Dairy Association Indiana, Inc.

A melty blend of cheese between two toasted tortillas and served with a side of Red Gold salsa. Perhaps the perfect meal for your picky eater? Find this Grilled Cheese of the Year at the Dairy Bar.

Mexican Sweet Corn in a Cup

Wilson Concessions

Fresh corn arrives at the fairgrounds from Hamilton County each morning. Enjoy a cup full of sweet kernels topped with a drizzle of mayo, cheese, hot sauce, and spices. Find it in front of the Champion’s Pavilion across from the Grandstands.

Pretzel Nacho Bites

Wilson Concessions

A fun twist on classic nachos! Pretzel bites topped with nacho cheese, bacon bits, jalapeños, and sour cream. Purchase at the booth west of the Harvest Pavilion.

New Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Wilson Concessions

Choose your toppings for this crispy chicken sandwich served on a fresh bun. Head to the NW corner of the fairgrounds across from the 4-H exhibit hall.

State Fair Mary

Urick Concessions

This one’s for the grown-ups – and it might be your whole meal! A 24 oz Bloody Mary served with skewers including mini corn dogs, deep fried mac-n-cheese, olives, cheese curds, waffle fries, bacon, and an entire pulled pork slider! Get yours in the Ag/Hort Shopping District south of the Midway.

The Original Cowpie

Indiana Ribeye

Vanilla Ice Cream sandwiched between two chewy chocolate chip cookies. Grab this dessert at the Ribeye Tent on the SE corner of the fairgrounds.

Vegan Nachos

Black Leaf Vegan

Believe it or not, there are vegan options at the State Fair! This all new offering includes chips topped with plant-based cheese and meat, cole slaw, pico de gallo, ranch, guacamole, and teriyaki sauce. Located on the fair’s north side, near the Pioneer Village.

Lemon Shake Up Canned Cocktail

Hi and Mighty

Another adults-only option! This lemon-y cocktail in a can is produced by a local family-owned distillery set to open a permanent tasting room within the fairgrounds in spring 2023. Available at any bar around the fairgrounds.

Iced Mocha Coffee Float

Hook’s Drug Store Museum

Two things that easily improve a hot day at the fair with kids? Caffeine and ice cream! Satisfy both these cravings with an Iced Mocha Coffee Float, served with hand-dipped ice cream, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. Head to the Soda Fountain at Hook’s Drug Store Museum on State Fair Boulevard.

Caramel Corn Beer

Sun King Brewery

Sun King’s signature Indiana State Fair beer offering for 2022 is flavored with local Just Pop In Caramel Popcorn! Try it at the fair in the TapRoom west of the Grandstand. Limited quantities are also available at Sun King tap room locations around Indy and at Just Pop In in Broad Ripple.

Bison Lettuce Wrap

Red Frazier Bison

By this point, you may welcome some lettuce on the menu! This wrap is filled with bison meat seasoned with sweet onion, water chestnuts, ginger, carrot, soy sauce, and hoisin sauce. Find this booth across from the Pioneer Village.

Loaded Pit-Tatoes

Indiana Pork Producers Association

Creamy bite-sized potatoes topped with pulled pork, cheddar cheese, jalapeños, and sour cream. Get it at the Pork Tent outside the West Pavilion.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Walking Taco

Meatball Factory LLC

Get all your favorite taco toppings, including meat, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, and pico de gallo, added to a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Find this booth outside Indiana Farmer’s Coliseum.

Mac Diggity Corn Dog

Gobble Gobble Food Truck

A crispy, fried corn dog loaded with mac-n-cheese and pulled pork? Sounds like the State Fair! Head to the location south of the DNR building to try one!

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