See Baby Animals at the Indiana State Fair

See Baby Animals at the Indiana State Fair

If you have an animal lover in your home and are planning to visit the Indiana State Fair, be sure to check out Momma town—the new interactive display that focuses on mom and baby livestock. Momma town is the fair’s latest way for you to get up close and personal with animals.

Located in the Expo hall, there are enclosures with various animals, as well as a banner above each animal to give you some facts. The first animals you come across are the mama pig and her piglets. When we toured, they were separated and sleeping. Maybe you will get lucky and be able to watch momma nurse the piglets.

After the pigs, you will find Marty and Margee the cows, Fred and Ginger the goats, Dottie and Doris the sheep and Twist the llama. Above each enclosure is a poster giving a few details on breeding, gestation, birthing and weaning.

After the large animals, there is a U-shape of small animal cages, right at a kid-friendly height. The cages contain roosters, chickens, rabbits, chicks, ducklings, and baby bunnies. The bunnies are curled up in their nesting box, among some fluff, while the chicks and ducklings hang out under warming lamps. When we were there, there was a chick who wanted to play, chasing our hands back and forth. So adorable!

Momma town is housed in the Expo hall, which is in the southwest corner of the fair, the last building before 38th street. If you pick up a map, you will see it by the red dot labeled G1 (Gate 1). The Expo hall is one of the largest buildings at the fairgrounds, so plenty of room to spread out.

Additionally the Expo hall is air-conditioned and it feels amazing. There are several benches inside if you need to stop and rest your feet. Towards the back of the Expo hall you will find clean restrooms and a baby changing table. Other events held in the space are the cat show that was held opening weekend, rabbit judging which is August 5-6, poultry showing that happens August 13-14, and dog showing which will be conducted on August 20-21. The Expo hall is open daily, 9 am-9 pm.

If you’re looking for more animals at the state fair, you have lots to choose from! Each barn on the south side of the fair houses different types of livestock, depending on the week. With the loss of the swine barn, and so many types of livestock, the barns have to rotate which animals are housed.

Also, check out the Family Fun Park, open daily from 9 am-8 pm, which is located in the northeast corner of the fairgrounds for another place to see a variety of animals. It is called Animal Town, and features several types of livestock, housed outdoors. Next to Animal Town is an outdoor pavilion where presentations are held throughout the day. The Let’s Talk Livestock chats happen at 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm, & 7 pm. Finally, the Canine Stars Stunt Dog Show, also new this year, happens at the Family Fun Park. Dogs will perform in a variety of physical stunts including high jumping, dock diving and agility courses. Shows happen daily at noon, 3 pm, and 5:30 pm.

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