Rocket fizz bulk candy indianapolis

I’m more of a savory kind of girl – I’d take a delicious sandwich or bag of potato chips over a candy bar. Every now and then I get the sugar buzz cravings. I remember when I was in middle school, my girlfriends and I went to a movie theater at the mall. They decided we needed to stop into the candy store before the movie. I had never seen anything like it! I felt like I was in Willy Wonka’s home. We walked around putting various candy items into our bags and then came the time to weigh them…trouble! Now I have a better idea of what a pound of candy looks and feels like. Occasionally we let our kids have sweet treats. Generally we like to steer towards the produce and dairy type treats but there are times and situation where a candy store is kind of fun!

When we’re downtown or hanging out on the Circle for some sort of Indianapolis event, my kids love stopping into Rocket Fizz for a treat. My husband loves the eclectic soda pop collection, I love the color and the kids love the candy. You’ll find candy that you enjoyed as a kid, newer candy creations and candy from other parts of the world!
55 Monument Circle, Indianapolis

Family Food Tips Courtesy of Indiana’s Family of Farmers
Setting limits on exactly what your kids can select BEFORE you enter a store is much better for everyone. When selecting a treat, this is also a great lesson on sharing and can followed up or preceded with a family style meal that is also shared — large deli sandwiches, pizza, a lasagna.
IWK and IFOF want you to know that meals with your family can be affordable, at home AND on the go!

sees candy indianapolis fashion mallSee’s Chocolates is a small space at the Fashion Mall. It’s not really a destination for our family but it’s a must-stop when we’re shopping or for my husband on Valentine’s Day. While I’m getting shopping done at the mall, my children look forward to that final stop on our way out the door for a sample of some of the best chocolate in the world. My favorite candy gift is a nice box filled with chocolates especially picked out for me (almost anything with nuts) or the hot hearts only sold at Valentine’s Day. The See’s suckers or lollipops seem to last a long time and keep my kids content after they’ve had a nice meal.
8702 Keystone Crossing Blvd, Indianapolis

The Simply Sweet Shoppe in Carmel is an adorable cottage of pretty candies and yummy gelato. From packaged candy to bulk bins to artisan chocolates, you’ll enjoy it all. I let my kids each select a treat or have a bowl of gelato. They outsmart me every time — one will get candy and the other a bowl of gelato and they’ll share or they’ll both get candy and sucker my husband and I into sharing our gelato.simply sweet shoppe carmel indiana indy
30 N Rangeline Road, Carmel

If we haven’t checked out YOUR favorite candy store in Central Indiana, leave a comment below…we want to know and we want to go!