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I’ll never forget the first time our family visited the Martinsville Candy Kitchen and you won’t forget your first visit either. The red and white striped awning stretches out above the door of the store, welcoming young and old with cheer. The town square bustling during the day, but empty and dark by night. Despite it all, the windows of the candy store are illuminated and a busy energy buzzes inside. Your family will be so eager to open the door and enter the excitement contained within.

Martinsville Candy Kitchen Candy Cane Factory

While all of our friends call the Martinsville Candy Kitchen “The Candy Cane Factory”, it is anything but a factory. A very small army of family and friends work endless hours to perform Christmas miracles every year — the making of artisan chocolates and nostalgic candy. The demand for candy canes is high and one step in the door, or one taste of a hot, fresh candy cane will explain it all. But this is no factory, the candy is cooked and poured and stretched and shaped and flavored and colored and cut all by hand and in small batches.

Candy Cane Demonstrations with Kids

When you walk in to the Candy Kitchen, I hope you’ll visit during one of their candy cane demonstrations or “candy pours” as we’ve come to call them. During our visit, candy canes were being made in the rear of the store behind a glass wall and it was very clear that the peppermint flavoring had just been added to the batch. Immediately, my nose was clear and the sweet smell of Christmas hit my brain with such a rush!

During our first visit eight years ago, my daughter was only two years old and it was such a joy to watch as she took in every smell, every visual of the process of candy making. She was so young so it didn’t amuse her the same way that it did my husband and me but she was still very excited about it all. The refreshing taste of a very fresh, very warm candy cane, made right before our eyes had hints of Christmas memories to come. We’ve visited almost every year since then and now all of our children have had an opportunity to see how it’s all done and this has given them such an appreciation for candy canes and other confections.

Candy Cane Demonstration or Candy Pour Times

The candy cane demonstrations typically take place on the evenings and weekends during the fall and winter season, but check the Martinsville Candy Kitchen Facebook page to find the pour times, that is, when the hot candy cane liquid will be poured on the marble top and the candy cane coloring, flavoring, mixing and stretching begins. Demonstrations are free and often you’ll get a taste of the candy you saw made, and then you can purchase some to take home. If you want to purchase a lot of the candy canes, place your order way in advance, especially if you hope for some of their other flavors like cinnamon, blueberry and others.

The demonstrations last about 30-45 minutes and while they aren’t action packed, they’re still fascinating. If you have an inquisitive child, they’ll love this so much! The science behind the creation of the candy cane is amazing and the employees, owners and family members of the Martinsville Candy Kitchen are friendly and passionate and eager to answer your questions! Bring your camera to take pictures!

There is no cost associated with this activity however be prepared for the inescapable urge to buy a beautiful candy cane for everyone you know (about $2 each) as well as some of the other yummy treats for sale, including ice cream.

Please, please, please take your kids to the Martinsville Candy Kitchen THIS year!

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46 North Main Street

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