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I’ll never forget the first time our family walked into the Martinsville Candy Kitchen. The candy canes were being made in the rear of the store behind a glass wall and it was very clear that the peppermint flavoring had just been added to the batch. Immediately, my nose was clear and the sweet smell of Christmas hit my brain with such a rush!martinsville candy kitchen indy with kids My daughter, only about 2 years old at the time, was such a joy to watch as she took in every smell, every visual of the process of candy making. She was so young so it didn’t amuse her the same way that it did my husband and me. The refreshing taste of a very fresh, very warm candy cane, made right before our eyes had hints of Christmas memories to come. Please, please, please take your kids to the Martinsville Candy Kitchen THIS year! Do not miss THIS year! martinsville candy cane kitchen Pour times (when they make the candy canes) are on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 6:30pm. Pour times for Saturdays will be posted on the Martinsville Candy Kitchen Facebook page. I recommend showing up a few minutes earlier than the scheduled pour time. Have an inquisitive child? The science behind the creation of the candy cane is amazing and the employees, owners and family members of the Martinsville Candy Kitchen are friendly and passionate and eager to answer your questions! Bring your camera! There is no cost associated with this activity however be prepared for the inescapable urge to buy a beautiful candy cane for everyone you know (about $1.50 each) as well as some of the other yummy treats for sale!

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