Where You Can Buy King Cake in Indianapolis

Recently, I spent some time in Louisiana. While I was there, I learned about Mardi Gras and ALL of the festivals in Louisiana, ate as much seafood as there was in the ocean and I participated in a King Cake decorating contest.

Back here in Indy, there are several places to purchase King Cake locally. This is a fun way to participate in and teach your kids about Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras and festivals. After Fat Tuesday, you may want to start looking for a Lenten Fish Fry to redeem yourself and then you’ll eventually want to find an Easter Egg Hunt near you.

If you live in Indianapolis and you just want to buy a King Cake somewhere, here are some places that I’ve come across. Please, please call ahead, most require advanced orders or have very limited amounts pre-made for purchase.

Taylor’s Bakery 

6216 Allisonville Road, Indianapolis
Preorder: 317.251.9575
We bought our King Cake at Taylor’s Bakery last year and it was delicious! My kids also loved the selection of Mardi Gras cookies and Paczkis. Do not ever let your child accidentally call a paczki a jelly doughnut…they will be corrected by every single passionate customer in line!

Circle City Sweets at The Amp

1220 Waterway Blvd. Indianapolis
Preorder: 317.632.3644
In addition to King Cake, You can also find delicious paczkis at Circle City Sweets.

Kim’s Kakery, Bakery & Café

5452 Madison Avenue, Indianapolis
Preorder: (317) 784-5253
King Cake are available for pre-order.


Goose the Market

2503 N Delaware St, Indianapolis
Preorder online only at www.goosethemarket.com

Yats Restaurants

In years past, Yats has served up slices of King Cake for the Mardi Gras season.


Forgot to order your King Cake? Here’s a quick and easy recipe to make a King Cake at home.

Paczkis in Indianapolis

In addition to Circle City Sweets and Taylor’s Bakery, you can find paczkis at Longs Bakery and Rise and Roll.

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