Urban Vines in Westfield: Families Love This Winery

When considering locations for playdates, a winery might not sound like the most appropriate venue, but I’ve found that Urban Vines is the perfect spot to meet up for a relaxing playdate. Located on 161st Street in Westfield about one mile west of US 31, Urban Vines is a family friendly winery. They offer affordable tastings inside and a huge lawn in the back with a children’s playground, outdoor seating on the screened-in patio or at picnic tables on the lawn, a stage for concerts (or for kids to pretend karaoke on), a fire pit, and hills for playing tag or rolling down. Much like Oliver Winery in Bloomington, Urban Vines is kid-friendly and it’s just a ten minute drive from nearby family friendly winery, Spencer Farm Winery.

On a sunny summer afternoon, you can bring the kids to Urban Vines and grab a seat at a table on the patio or at a picnic table and chat with friends while the kids play. They just set up a brand new play-set with a rock climbing wall, a few different slides, a tunnel, and lots of things to climb on or swing from. Our kids usually run around the entire time we are there, dancing on the stage, picking dandelions on the lawn, playing an oversized Jenga, and making new friends around the playground. There is a pond at the back of the lawn, so if you have little ones you will have to keep an eye on them around that area and make sure they don’t get too close.

A huge bonus for moms and dads of picky eaters, Urban Vines allows you to bring in your own food and snacks! On special occasions they bring in food from local restaurants, but on most days the offerings are limited to cheese and meat boards so they allow patrons to bring in their own food. So, no matter what your child is in the mood for, you can probably make it happen! Located just a block away from the shopping center at 161st and Springmill, you can easily pick up Marco’s Pizza, Subway, Cabos Mexican fare, or even sushi from Kroger on the way. If you find yourself staying longer than you anticipated (always happens!) and decide to just stay through dinner, Pizza Hut delivers! I did this just last week and it was glorious!

I can’t count how many beautiful evenings we’ve spent here enjoying a picnic and a drink while the kids played so much they were hungry and asking to eat! Unlike at a restaurant, at Urban Vines you can eat your food in peace without being stressed out about the kids not staying in their seats. They can take a bite, walk around and play for a little bit, then come back for another bite. Because, let’s be honest, that’s what they do. At Urban Vines, this is totally acceptable and one less thing you have to stress about!

Urban Vines is locally owned and they are known for their small batch winemaking and beer brewing. They have a good selection of whites, reds, bubblies, and sweet wines. Their beer selection changes all of the time and features many local breweries. If you join the wine club, you get 4 bottles at a discount and free parking and admission to special events as well as a free wine tasting every time you come in! The bottles are very reasonable and make great gifts if you love gifting items from local businesses.

In addition to their wine and beer selections, Urban Vines also offers wine slushies, charcuterie boards, live music, a special room for private events like bridal showers and baby showers, and special events like bingo, trivia, and summer concerts. There are also tons of board games for adults and kids you can bring out to your table to play – free of charge! We’ve made great memories here playing Cards Against Humanity while the kids played Chutes and Ladders (after exhausting themselves running around).

Urban Vines is family friendly, dog friendly, and offers free parking right in front. There is a bathroom inside as well as port-a-potties outside by the play area. Cold water is always free and located in a refrigerator inside the patio door so you can just grab a large bottle and some cups and bring it outside.

Urban Vines is open 12pm-9pm Sunday through Wednesday and 12pm-11pm Thursday through Saturday in the summer. Be sure to check out their website or Facebook page before you go to see if there is a special event going on. For some special concerts they do charge for parking and it can get very busy. However, if you’re going with kids you’ll probably be there in the afternoon or early evening so it shouldn’t be a problem.

If you’re like me and hate to stay in on beautiful evenings but dread the usual rush and stress of a dinner out with kids, give Urban Vines a try. It may soon be your favorite evening destination or playdate meet-up spot as well. We’re always looking for awesome wineries, we even found some of our new favorite wineries in Santa Claus, Indiana near Holiday World.

Urban Vines
303 E 161st Street
Westfield, IN 46074
(317) 763-0678

Photos by Katy Mann & Lisa Viaches

Family Friendly Wineries Near Indy

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