Westfield Bike Trails | 15 Great Hiking & Biking Trails in Westfield

Westfield Bike Trails | 15 Great Hiking & Biking Trails

One of the best ways to explore your city is to take a stroll on the paths and trails that intersect throughout town. You’ll love riding your bike down orange and red leaf-covered paths and viewing the beautiful foliage as they change colors in the fall. In the spring you’ll get the first glimpse of budding flowers and returning plants. Luckily, there are several serene Westfield bike trails to explore.

The trails in Westfield are great for all ages and can be used for biking or hiking. So grab the backpack, fill the water bottles, and toss in some snacks for a quick trek. Pack a picnic and a change of clothes if you intend on staying all day and taking advantage of the many water access points that provide ample areas to creek stomp. The trails and parks in Westfield are beautiful in every season. No matter which route or when you choose to go, get outside and breathe in the fresh air. Let us follow along on your journey and use #PLAYIndy in your posts.

Westfield Bike Trails | 15 Great Hiking & Biking Trails

No matter if you’re an avid biker, hiker, or just out for a family stroll, the trails in Westfield will provide plenty of opportunities to get out into nature. Grab the bikes and safety gear and hit the pavement for a family bike ride on one of several Westfield bike trails. Or just plan on a leisurely stroll or stroller walk. Stuff a backpack with water bottles and snacks and find a cozy spot to relax along the path. Some routes can be miles long and some fairly easy and end at a playground or park. No matter what age group you’re working with, there are trails and paths for everyone in Westfield.

Monon Trail

1155 E Greyhound Pass or 17501 Dartown Road at Quaker Park, Westfield
The Westfield section of the Monon Trail is an eight-mile-long stretch. This is a very popular trail and at any time of year, you will find runners with jogging strollers, walkers, bikers, and pups following along on a leash. Along the route, you’ll find connections to Midland Trace Trail, Little Eagle Creek Trail, and eventually Cool Creek Trail.

Grassy Branch Trail

225 S Union Street, Westfield
This asphalt 0.6-mile trail is perfect for walking, running, rollerblading, or biking. The trail can be accessed via Grand Junction Plaza in Westfield. The smooth asphalt and mature shade trees make pushing a stroller or wheelchair an easy outdoor activity any time of year. Grassy Branch Trail connects with the Cool Creek Trail, Grand Junction Trail, Natalie Wheeler Trail, and the Midland Trace Trail.

Cool Creek Trail

2000 E 151st Street, Westfield
This short trail runs from 146th Street east to Cool Creek Park in Carmel. At just 0.9 miles long, visitors can walk, run, bike, or blade to other Westfield trails for a longer trip. The Cool Creek Trail connects to the Natalie Wheeler Trail, Midland Trace Trail, Grassy Branch Trail, and the Hagen-Burke in Carmel.

Midland Trace Trail

302 S Union Street, Westfield
This Interurban trail is approximately five miles long. This asphalt trail is dog-friendly and runs just past Simon Moon Park, a perfect place for the kids to run around and play. Midland Trace Trail runs east to west from S. Union Street to Gray Road.

Freedom Trail Park

500 Deer Walk, Westfield
The paved trail throughout the playground part of the park makes accessing this playground easy. The trails within the rest of the park are limestone and easy to bike or walk on. You will find plenty of green space to kick around a ball or fly a kite. Check out all the other all-inclusive things to do at Freedom Trail Park.

Natalie Wheeler Trail

16001 Westfield Boulevard, Westfield
This 2-mile-long trail provides a straight north-south route along Union Street from Grand Junction Park to Cool Creek Park. Even though this trail follows a road, it is pleasant and pretty. Visit Liberty Park along the way. Rest on one of the shaded benches while the kids kick a ball around the open field. This trail ends just north of Cool Creek Park, which is another fantastic option for resting, playing, and creek stomping.

Little Eagle Creek Loop

16301 Little Eagle Creek Avenue, Westfield
Start at Raymond Worth Park for this 14.7-mile-long journey. This trail is definitely for a more advanced biker or runner. The trail follows paved roadways without much room to shoulder. You will encounter plenty of hills, lots of curves, and of course Little Eagle Creek. You’ll pass Armstrong Park as well which is a great spot to find some shade and relax before heading back onto the loop. The City of Westfield rates the difficulty level of this loop “Expert” and recommends you print out a map for your first journey.

Asa Freedom Loop

205 W Hoover Street, Westfield
This 3.5-mile loop connects fantastic playground parks Asa Bales Park and Freedom Trail Park. Along this loop you’ll also happen upon a couple of non-playground parks; Hadley Park and Old Friends Cemetery Park. This is an easy trail that will have plenty of things for little ones to spot along the way.

MacGregor Park Trails

21105 MacGregor Park Road, Westfield
This is a wonderful dirt path for beginning dirt bikers! The paths are large yet varied in elevation for extra excitement. Bring a map along if you want to find the cool stuff within the 1.4-mile loop in MacGregor Park. Hop off the loop path and explore the internal trails for a variety of “eye-spy” game options. See if you can spy the peace pole, the ornament tree, the rain garden, or the life-size bird nest perfect for a photo op. Wildflower prairies and mature trees make this a wonderful trail to immerse yourself in nature. Bring along a Christmas Ornament to leave there—the kids will love it!

Carey Road Trail

Carey Road and 151st Street, Westfield
This 1.4-mile-long asphalt trail leads a fairly straight path past neighborhoods and the countryside. Start at Carey Road and 151st Street and head north. Detour off the path and connect with the Bridgewater Club Trail.

Bridgewater Club Trail

E 161st Street & Carey Road, Westfield
If you hop on this trail from the north end of the Carey Road Trail, you’re looking at a 2.6-mile trek that will get you to the south end of the Carey Road Trail. Asphalt allows for easy running, biking, or inline skating. You will pass picturesque views of beautiful homes, serene ponds, and lovely landscapes along this neighborhood trail.

Simon Moon Park

3044 E 171st Street, Westfield
Simon Moon Park has a paved trail within the park. Walk or bike on the trail, play in the fairy tale-styled playground, toss a football around, or pack a picnic for a great day outdoors.

Old Friends Cemetery Park

302 S Union Street, Westfield
This park is home to the first cemetery in Westfield. A gravel path will lead you past memorial gardens, benches, and a beautiful landscape. This cemetery turned into a park provides education and information on the historical significance of Westfield’s past, the Quaker settlers, and their role in the Underground Railroad. It is within blocks of downtown Westfield and its numerous amenities. The park connects to Midland Trace Trail on the south end.

Armstrong Park

16200 Countryside Boulevard, Westfield
This 15-acre park provides a dog-friendly paved trail, benches for relaxing, and plenty of green space for flying a kite or tossing a frisbee. Roadside parking is available.

Quaker Park’s Born Learning Trail

17501 Dartown Road, Westfield
Unlike any park in the area, at Quaker Park’s Born Learning Trail you will find a trail made for the little ones. There are ten stations to prompt parents to ask questions to their children while instructions lead them in an activity. The stations get kids to interact and learn in nature by incorporating hopscotch, saying their ABC’S, or listening for bird calls. Quaker Park is also home to many features like a splash pad, bocce ball court, pickle ball, and a newer playground featuring a separate 6-24 month play area.

There are so many Westfield bike trails to explore! Depending on the ages of your kids, stick to short, paved trails or venture out to trails with a mix of paved and dirt paths. In the summer, schedule in creek stomping as a pit stop during the bike ride or hike. Enjoy biking through serene paths littered with burnt orange, yellow, and red leaves in autumn. And bring binoculars to check out the wildlife in wooded areas and see how many different critters your kids can spot in the trees.

Looking to expand your exploration radius? Check out Hiking and Biking trails in Carmel, Hiking and Biking trails in Fishers, or Indy With Kids’ list of 20 breathtaking places to go hiking near Indianapolis with kids. Take advantage of the many connections the trails offer to each other and to fabulous city parks. Map out your next day of fun and take us along with you using #PLAYIndy.



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