Freedom Trail Park and Sensory Gardens

Freedom Trail ParkFreedom Trail Park and Sensory Gardens is just shy of 30 beautiful acres of recreational green space.  It is located at 500 Deer Walk Trace in Westfield and open daily from sunrise to sunset.  Freedom Trail Park received its name in honor of Westfield’s historic and heroic efforts in the Underground Railroad, and the people who traveled and conducted it.  freedom trail park

Freedom Trail’s all inclusive playground, along with its sensory gardens, is designed for children of all abilities.  The park provides opportunities for all children to explore while playing together.  During the design of the play area, the Hamilton County Autism Support Group worked with the City of Westfield to ensure the features included are ones which children with autism would enjoy.  The equipment was built so more than one individual in a wheelchair can pass on the wide ramp system leading to all the play features. The swingset also include handicap accessible swings. The surfacing of the playground area has a rubberized surface as well as engineered wood fiber. Freedom Trail Park’s all inclusive playground and sensory gardens are the first of their kind in the State of Indiana.

freedom trail parkThe park has a paved trail surrounding the play area, which creates the lower level of the park accessible to everyone.  Other trails throughout the park are made of crushed limestone that are easy to walk on.  There’s also a large playing field to enjoy soccer and other sports at the park.  

There is a standard size portable restroom that is accessible from the paved north parking lot.  Unfortunately, the portable restroom doesn’t make it easy for those that are in a wheelchair.  The park has plans to build a permanent restroom that will be easily accessible to all in the future.  

My family’s favorite area of Freedom Trail Park is the Sensory Gardens!  We absolutely loved playing with the gigantic wind chimes!  My son, husband and I thoroughly enjoyed running through the tall grasses to play hide and seek as well as tag.  We also had tons of fun pretending to camp in the vine covered teepees.  Your imagination can go wild in this very unique and creative area of the park!  For more information on Freedom Trail Park and Sensory Gardens, please visit  

freedom trail parkFuture Improvements

  • Permanent restroom facility
  • Shelter
  • Additional park amenities created by the Rotary Club of Westfield
  • Interpretive signage

Current Amenities

  • Dog Waste Station
  • Sensory Garden
  • Bike Rack
  • Sand Table
  • Benches
  • Prairie
  • All Inclusive Playground
  • Portable Restroom
  • Vine Covered TeePees
  • Parking
  • Trail
  • Interactive Wind Chime
  • Sports Fields


500 Deer Walk Trace

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