Black Lives Matter Street Mural

A colorful and powerful mural was created by local artists in Indianapolis. The Black Lives Matter mural was painted on the pavement on Indiana Avenue in August 2020. Photos and reproductions of the mural can be found at the Indianapolis Public Library and at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

Where is the Indianapolis Black Lives Matter Mural?

While on display, this work of art could be viewed while visiting Indiana Avenue, north of the Walker Theater in front of the IUPUI Degree Completion office. The Black Lives Matter street painting carried a message that demands equality and fairness and a fight against racism.

The mural had to be removed to allow for repaving on Indiana Avenue in 2021. Portions of each letter and symbol were preserved and returned to their original artists.

Who Are the Indy Black Lives Matter Mural Artists?

Mural artists as listed on the BLMIndy Instagram account:
#: Jarrod Dortch
B: Nathaniel Rhodes
L: Rebecca Robinson
A: Amiah Mims
C: Billy Hoodoo
K: Kevin West
L: John G. Moore
I: Gary Gee
V: Deonna Craig
E: Rae Parker
S: Ess McKee
M: Wavy Blayne
A: Harriet Watson
T: Shane Young
T: Israel Solomon
E: Shamira Wilson
R: Ashley Nora
Fist: Kenneth Hordge

If you’d like to learn more about black history in Indianapolis, we recommend the Through2Eyes historical walk and talk tours. These walking tours are led weekly along Indiana Avenue and are appropriate for all ages.

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