{Transcript of the Indy with Kids video about the Indianapolis Museum of Art Newfields Winterlights Exhibition}

Winterlights at Newfields is definitely one of our favorite traditions. This year we got to take all four kids and have a really good time.

It’s so much fun watching your kids look at the lights and really get into watching them and counting them, seeing the different shapes and just how beautiful it is. My kids loved the music and dancing to it and twirling around.

Make sure that when you stand in front of Lilly House that you watch at least one of the full songs to get the light show really taken in. But if you can, watch a second one or even a third song, it’s even better.

Lilly House is beautifully decorated as always and this year it was using paper chains, which I’m completely inspired by now. It’s kind of like the old paper chains you made in school and now they’re cool again. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Don’t miss the dining area. It was my favorite part of the entire exhibit.

The light shows are beautiful, the Christmas trees are decorated so elegantly, and just the number of lights will blow you away. Last year they had 1.3 million lights and this year they have a million and a half.

There are warming stations because on certain nights you’ll really need it. We went on what so far has been the coldest night of the season and we had to wear our snow pants and really bundle up because it was snowing.

Karl Unnasch’s fourty foot toy tree is back again this year! I keep getting worried that they’re not going to have it one of these years but I really wanted all my kids to see it. So I’m thrilled that it was there. I’ve been told that at the end of the season, the toys are donated to children in need.

The newest addition to the installment is a theme your kids will love! When you walk through this area, you’re going to feel like you’re right in the Frozen movie. My kids loved it! There are sounds to hear and it’s just really really beautiful.

There are hot beverages for sale at Winterlights; some are alcoholic and there are non-alcoholic beverages for kids. They also have light up jewelry and things that you can purchase. And then they have special glasses that make the lights look even more dazzling and brilliant. The cool thing about the glasses is that they come with coupons on them. One of the coupons is a buy one get one free admission and the second one is for a free beverage. So, make sure you take advantage of that deal and get those glasses if you can.

The finale tree was one other addition that my kids really enjoyed seeing. It’s just so easy to stand there and keep looking as it changes right before your eyes — the beautiful colors and just how every single branch and twig is completely wrapped.