We’ve decided that it’s totally worth it to leave Lulu’s hair cutting up to a professional who knows what she’s doing at a place where we know she’ll have fun!

Cookie Cutters Hair Cuts Are Fun for Kids in Indianapolis

I have friends who have school aged kids and have never cut their hair because they don’t want to loose those adorable baby ringlets that we all love so much. Lulu was born with a lot of hair. Some of it disappeared with age and hairbows, some if was rubbed off because she shakes her head back and forth in her crib as she falls asleep at night (it’s weird, I know — doctor said it’s normal). Now that she is 14 months old, it’s time for a haircut. That back and forth thing has created a tangled, matted mess on the back of her head and those curls in the front just fall into her eyes and drive both of us crazy.

We made an appointment at Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids (walk ins are welcome too) and went in to have Lulu’s very first haircut — not including the matted mess I’ve cut out a few times. The hair stylist was very friendly and worked very well with Lulu. My daughter is not patient at all and she hates to be bothered and really doesn’t want anyone touching her hair. Not a single one of these things was a problem for our Cookie Cutters stylist, she was up for the challenge!

While we waited for our appointment, Lulu was able to play on the small plastic indoor play set located in the lobby. This equipment was a very welcoming thing for us to see the minute we arrived and very helpful for keeping Lulu entertained. If there is more than one child in your family getting a hair cut, this will be an awesome thing for you!

The big event took place in a seat of Lulu’s choice. I chose the seat that was a car, it had a strap to tie her down — okay, to put across her lap and keep her seated and a steering wheel with a horn to keep her busy. At each cutting station there was a small television playing children’s shows to also keep her distracted and entertained. Despite all of this, she still was not super excited about the hair cutting and combing taking place on top of her head so other distractions were in order.

Our stylist spent some time showing her the combs she had in her hand, the clips at her station and anything else that might keep her busy. She spoke to Lulu and was playful and encouraging with her. Not even once did she sound frustrated or upset with the difficulty of cutting my child’s hair. She even encouraged me by letting me know that Lulu’s behavior wasn’t at all bad or different or concerning her. All of these things made me happy and I KNOW we will be back to Cookie Cutters as soon as it’s necessary!

Lulu’s hair cut was so cute! It’s the perfect fresh cut we needed to go back to preschool and to stay cool for the remainder of the summer. Because this was my baby’s FIRST hair cut, we took part in the First Hair Cut package which included the cut and a photo of Lulu’s haircut. The photo was placed onto a Baby’s First Haircut certificate and her curly little locks were collected and put into a baggie that was attached to the certificate. The First Haircut Package is about $18 and a regular haircut is about $14. We’ve decided that it’s totally worth it to leave Lulu’s hair cutting up to a professional who knows what she’s doing at a place where we know she’ll have fun!

Want to save some money? Check out the Cookie Cutters Website and join their Facebook pages and loyalty program and you will receive information about discounts and coupons. Cookie Cutters offers party packages, mommy and me packages and so much more! Check them out! We went to the Glendale location (Phone: (317) 253-0744) but here are some other current Indianapolis locations:
Avon – Phone: (317) 271-3855
Carmel – Phone: (317) 574-0399
Clearwater – Phone: (317) 842-7753
Fishers – Phone: (317) 577-7854
Geist – Phone: (317) 288-0295
Greenwood – Phone: (317) 885-7752
Noblesville – Phone: (317) 773-3240
West Carmel – Phone: (317) 228-9935
Zionsville – Phone: (317) 337-9811

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