Free Outdoor Ice Rink at Pendleton Falls Park

pendleton ice rink

Just about a half hour northeast of Indianapolis, you’ll find the charming town of Pendleton. Within Pendleton’s historic Falls Park, you’ll also find the signature lighthouse, tons of playground equipment, open shelters, a gazebo, and (drumroll please…) now an ice rink!

ice rink

The ice rink is a new addition to the park, and according to the Park Superintendent, Ron Barnhart, it stems from the need for a bit of nostalgia in the park. The idea has been bounced around park board meetings, and finally came to fruition this year when Firestone donated a tarp, and labor and materials were covered by the park itself. Ron, like many Pendleton residents, recalls times where skating on the pond at the park in winter was a staple. The only problem was that during inconsistent weather (ahem, we’re talking to you…winter!), the pond could be 4-5 inches thick with ice, or it could only be 1 inch.

ice rink

Ron and the park board decided to go back to their roots, and take it a step further. The ice rink was constructed in December 2015. The ice is manufactured by Mother Nature herself, and if a patron were to fall through a weak spot, there isn’t a huge mass of water beneath. It’s a much safer option for park-goers, and will certainly be a huge point of interest for residents this year.

If you go:

How much? FREE!

When: OPEN SKATE As long as winter sticks around! (As long as interest keeps up, the rink will likely go up in December and down around March 1st annually.)

Where: Falls Park, 299 Falls Park Dr Pendleton, IN 46064. Located between the circle and the creek.

Who: Anyone and everyone!

Important info: This is an open rink, and the park calls for skaters to have fun at their own risk. Keep in mind curfew hours, if you’re thinking about skating after dusk! For additional info, check out the Pendleton-Falls Park Facebook Page (here).

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