2013 Information

When the winter chill finally leaves the Spring air, Jay and I love to go watch the horse races. The summer that Lulu was a newborn, we took her to a live horse race for the first time and I think she liked it. What gives me that impression? Well, we were outside, she was with mom and dad, it was warm, there was excitement in the air and she was asleep! The recipe for the perfect summer night.

Now that Lulu is a toddler, she loves wearing her cowboy hat and pink boots and running around. Seeing the horses is such a treat and she can tell the horses, “Run! Run! Run!” as loud as she wants and it’s okay!

Kids can watch up close as the horses leave the gate and cross the finish line. They can watch the winning horses be awarded and even visit them in the stables. Hoosier Park in Anderson would love to have your family visit anytime! In fact, they have Family Fun Days EVERY Saturday during live racing! Family Fun Day means rides & games, live entertainment in the yard, cornhole, face painting, fun tattoos, Winner’s Circle giveaways, a lemon shake-up stand, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, brats and more! Admission is always free for everyone!

There are two places very, very close to Indianapolis that your family might enjoy catching a race:

Hoosier Park (4500 Dan Patch Circle, Anderson) has live Standardbred Racing Tuesdays through Saturdays beginning at 5:30 pm (March 27 – July 14) and then live Thoroughbred & Quarter Horse Racing Tuesdays through Fridays beginning at 5:30 pm and on Saturdays starting at 12:30 pm (August 1 – October 27).

Live racing at Indiana Downs starts on April 16th and runs into the first week of November. A schedule has been set and is posted online. Please check it because dates and hours vary from week to week.

Both venues offer gambling for the horse races and in a casino setting but the action outdoors on the track is a beautiful experience without the gambling AND it’s FREE for your whole family to watch!