Indy Area Delivery Services Make Life Slightly Less Complicated

You’ve probably know that local Kroger stores are offering ClickList, an online ordering service, to make grocery shopping easier than ever. Walmart While that sounds amazing, sometimes finding the kids’ shoes and loading them in to the car seats to pick up the order is just too much. When that happens, look to one of these Indianapolis area delivery services to save the day.

Insta-Cart is a grocery delivery service which shops your local stores and delivers the items to your home. Stores in the Indy area include Aldi, Meijer, Kroger, Costco, CVS, Petco, Georgetown market, Sam’s Club and Fresh Thyme. Each store, except Costco, offers their products at the same price as the store, although in-store promos and loyalty prices may not apply.

Delivery starts at $3.99 or join InstaCart Express for $99 for the year and get free delivery on all orders over $35. Save money and avoid ‘Busy Time’ delivery fees by placing your order in advance. Right now you can get 14 days of free delivery with the Instacart Express Trial. We love that Insta-cart is usually same day delivery!

Green Bean Delivery will deliver your fresh produce regularly and for free on orders over $65. This company offers organic produce and natural groceries sourced from local farms whenever possible. You choose a bin size and delivery schedule (weekly or biweekly) and your products will be automatically delivered. Do nothing and the pre-selected produce will appear at your doorstep, or go online to modify the produce selections or add items to your order.

Grocery delivery starts at $2.99 per order but is free with orders over $65.

Amazon’s Prime Now delivery service has made the fee for Prime well worth it. Download the Amazon Prime Now app, place your order, and your items can be to your door in a couple hours. The app alerts you when items are en route, and you can watch the map as the driver nears your house (with ice cream!?!). The delivery is free (a minimum purchase of $15 is required) but you can use the app to tip the driver. Need diapers, a frozen pizza, and a new book? Maybe toothpaste, a dust buster, and some new bath towels? Have them brought to your door!

I’m no chef, but I like to have a healthy, tasty meal for my family to enjoy after a long day. Enter Hello Fresh, the to-your-door delivery service that sets you up with everything you need to put together a great meal. Choose from dinners like Pan-Seared Salmon and Chinese Black Bean Chicken, or select options from their vegetarian box. Meals start at $9 per person per meal and are each weekly box contains 3 meals for either 2 or 4 people (we tried the two person box and it was plenty to feed my husband and myself as well as our two young boys). All ingredients are packaged separately in the exact quantity needed and the instructions are clear and easy. Added bonus -this service offers farm fresh ingredients without the wasted produce and seasonings that seem to be unavoidable otherwise.

The Uber Eats app or will bring food from local restaurants to your home, or even the park if that’s where you are! Think Uber, for food! I can grab food from the local Mexican place or even the local Thai place. There are also several national chains listed. Restaurants control what food is offered on the app and an Uber driver picks up the food and delivers it to your door. There is an additional booking fee for orders.

Drizly uses local liquor stores to help you stock your bar without leaving home in under an hour!  Order beer, wine, liquor, mixers, and even ice at or with the Drizly app. Delivery is $5, the product prices are great (Yellow Tail wine under $4!) and the service is speedy. Don’t forget to tip the driver who just saved your Wednesday!

Now if only Starbucks would bring that latte to my door…Oh wait! Door Dash will do that!

Editors Note: We love to use and for delivery of local restaurant items, as well!

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