Finch Creek Park

Written by Stephanie Greenwald

Plug your ears! The kids will squeal with delight when they see the HUGE playground as you enter the park off Boden Road. If you are looking for a place for kids of all abilities to move around and have fun, head to Noblesville’s newest park. Finch Creek Park is just south of Finch Creek Fieldhouse at E 166th Street and Boden Road; you can’t miss it. This brand new park is suitable for kids of all ages and abilities.

What You’ll Find at Finch Creek

When you first enter off the main parking lot you are greeted by a huge pavilion with an abundance of covered picnic tables on either side. Multi-stall restrooms with changing tables in both men’s and women’s restrooms can be found at the rear of the pavilion. There is water fountain with a bottle fill station and one on the ground for your four legged friends.

Play Your Way

You will have to decide if you want to play on dry land at the playgrounds or hit the splash pad first.  For the playgrounds head to the west. You will first encounter a music makers paradise. If your kids like to create “music” they will love the four different set ups to bang and chime on. The xylophone even has sheet music to play along with. Steps away from the musical instruments you will find the playground geared for kids aged 2-5 years old. Here you have a couple generational swings, a four person teeter totter, logs to climb on and crawl through along with a beautiful treehouse inspired playset to climb up and slide down multiple ways. Dividing the little kid playground from the playground geared towards 5-12 year olds are a few benches under a nice canopy. Depending on what time of day you are playing you may find shade here. There is also a little library to donate and borrow books from near here. The big kid playground is amazing. There is so much to do. Obviously the little ones will enjoy the merry-go-round and the orb to climb on as much as the older kids. However, the Ninja Warrior inspired playground is probably best to leave for the older kiddos. It is really high off the ground and can be a little scary for youngsters. The big kids will love jumping and swinging along the obstacles that seem to touch the sky. Don’t worry, there is a heavy duty net enclosing the area so nobody can fall out. You will also find multiple ways to climb up and slide down on this beast of a playset.


One of the great things about Finch Creek Park is that it truly is accessible to everyone. The playground is covered in a soft AstroTurf that won’t get muddy and makes strollers and wheelchairs easy to maneuver. They have a couple inclusive swings right next to the row of traditional swings. They also have a huge contraption that sways with rocking movements. This is accessible via a ramp wide enough for a wheelchair and once you get on there is room for the chair on one side and a bench with grips on the other side. You may also notice that the entire north edge of the park has a berm between the play areas and the parking lot. The only entry to the playground and splash pad is through the main entrance at the pavilion off the parking lot (unless you live in and walk over from the neighborhood). This will definitely help slow down those who like to take off and run.

If you walk the path at the south edge of the playground heading west you will happen upon a small retention pond and bench area.  You may bask in the sunlight and fresh air throughout the day or catch a sunset over the pond in the evening. Either way this is a nice, quieter spot at Finch Creek Park.

Splash Pad

The splash pad is on the east side of the pavilion. Kids young and old will have fun running through the sprayers popping up from the paved walkways on either side of a larger fountain feature of the same design. A bench surrounds the outer rim of the splash pad with the tall grass covered berm behind it. You will also find other benches to relax on while the kids run and squeal as they are hit with the cool water. Use the touch sensor to activate the water if it is not running. Splash pad operating hours are 10 am-7 pm daily from Memorial Day to Labor Day; weather permitting.

Sports and More

Continue heading east on the same path and you will end up at the sports courts and an additional restroom. Finch Creek Park offers four pickleball courts and a full sized basketball court. Benches strategically placed along the pathways provide resting or viewing options. The restrooms are on the south side of the basketball court along with a water fountain. There is also a parking lot next to the courts for easier access.

The paved paths provide easy, smooth access to the variety of areas throughout the park. The neighborhood to the south has its own access point and with ample parking to the north via the two lots you are sure to find a way in. One thing you will not find much of at Finch Creek Park is shade. The young, newly planted trees will be excellent shade trees someday but for now the only shade you will find is under the pavilion or the awnings at the playgrounds. You definitely want to bring sunscreen and hats.

Pack up the swimsuits and towels. Make a picnic lunch. Plan to stay at least a few hours. Finch Creek Park will be fun for everyone. Plan a playdate with friends or reserve the pavilion for an event or birthday party via the Noblesville parks department. The playgrounds and sports courts mark the completion of the park’s Phase 1 so make a day of it and have some fun in this beautiful addition to the area.

16233 Boden Rd

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