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Located just 35 minutes south from Indy is the quaint township of Franklin. Head down the main street, Jefferson street and you cannot miss the turquoise building with the yellow door—Toodleydoos. There is ample free parking surrounding the building, both on the roads and the giant car park nearby. If you are visiting Franklin on a Saturday do make sure to stop by the farmers market that’s held in the car park.

The turquoise building with the yellow door is a wonderful toy store which sells, yes toys but not just toys they also sell books, games, baby gifts, and also allow you to create birthday wish list boxes! Unfortunately, this article is not about the great things the store has to offer for purchase. Instead, I want to tell you about the classes they offer.

YES—classes too! They are offered to all ages; babies, preschool, and elementary. Most of the classes are offered at a cost which can be paid per class or you are able to buy a book of classes which will save you money, prices vary between classes though some are free.

It’s great to know there are restrooms here, but just one, so you have to wait your turn.  Its equipped for little ones, steps to the toilet and sink. Also, baby friendly as it houses a changing table too.

Baby Play Group

A relatively new class is the Baby Play Group (ages 0-12 months). Obviously, the main focus of this group is for babies to socialize with other babies and play and explore a host of different toys/activities. However, this group isn’t just for babies, it’s also for the caregivers to have a chance to socialize and have a change of scenery too! The session is held in the classroom at Toodleydoos with a discussion host to help get conversations flowing between grown-ups. It’s a lovely environment in which you can relax with your baby and leave feeling refreshed and encouraged knowing it’s not just you going through the sleepless nights.

Preschool Classes

Throughout the school year, every Tuesday, Toodleydoos offers themed preschool classes for children aged 2-5 years and their grown up.  The approach is very family orientated and works to engage all children at their age and developmental level. Themes recently covered were weather, music, love and hugs and many more have been planned for the future.  Each theme runs for a month and is extensively explored each week. The classes run for 45 minutes with the same order of running, this consists of circle time, story, craft, exploratory play (which makes the book come alive!), whilst also reinforcing the learning objectives and then, a final circle time and songs to close the class.  It really is just like a proper class. The teachers are simply wonderful and so caring and welcoming to both children and adults. Wait until they start singing-my daughter says they sound like Disney princesses.

Once school is out for the summer, the toy store offer stay-cation camps to children generally aged 6 years and above though there are some classes that require children to be aged 8 as there’s stronger skills needed.  Camps are on drop off for 3 hours 9 am-Noon and are $25 per session but register for four camps and get the fifth for $10!

A three-hour camp may not seem worth it to travel down from Indy but rest assured there are some great boutique shops, both homeware and clothing and if you still have time, go and explore the coffee shops! You will not be disappointed.  Also, during the summer the Historic Artcraft Theatre (cinema) will be holding special cinema screenings that you could catch!

Toodleydoos offer so many more classes, including children’s yoga! and I could write so much more about each of them but its more exciting for you if you go and check out their Facebook page/website/or even in person—they’d love that!


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