This year we're ditching some of the items we've traditionally put into our kids Christmas stockings for some different ideas!

Stocking Stuffers for Kids – Cooking, Sustainable and Fun

This year we’re ditching some of the items we’ve traditionally put into our kids Christmas stockings for some different ideas!

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Healthier and Fun

Magic Milk Straws are a fun way for kids to drink their daily glass of milk. With fun flavors like chocolate, cookies & cream, vanilla milkshake, orange cream, wild berry and strawberry, plus Chocolate Candy Cane flavor for the holidays, my girls are going to really enjoy getting their dairy! They’re a great addition to your child’s school lunch.

Crayola Freezer Pops are a fun addition to a stocking. Include a sugar free drink powder for kids to make their own popsicles.

Just Pop In is a local gormet popcorn company and we can’t get enough of their adorable names, beautiful colors and delcious flavors! Our family is partial to Jingle Bell Pop, a mix of Cherry and Green Apple. For my husband’s stocking I’m creating my own collection using their Naughty, Nice and Coal labels.

Get the Kids in the Kitchen

Making jars with homemade mixes can look adorable in a stocking and get kids excited about helping out. Cooking with your kids will teach them about food and add to their mathematic skills as they learn about measurement.

I put together Reindeer Food for the girls using oatmeal and green or red sprinkles. Here’s some instructions on how to make it for feeding Santa’s reindeer.

World Peace Cookies are so pretty and delicious. You can make them using Cocoa Nibs for a healthier spin. They look pretty in the jar too!

Homemade pancake mix is a great gift in our house because my kids LOVE pancakes. I think it’s a food group here. I added some Craisins to the mix for a colorful and tasty twist.

Something That Encourages Good Habits and Sustainability Year Round

I love the designs on the Lunch Skins Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags sets. I like to mix and match them when I use them in my girls lunch bags. This is a great gift and it will keep us working towards less waste in 2014.

Another way we try to lessen our environmental impact is by using a water bottle that we can refill and take with us. We like the Camelbak and the Nalgene bottles that are available. They last for a long time, they’re shatterproof and easy to clean. The fun prints get my kids excited to use them!


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