Adaptive Programs for Special Needs Kids of All Ages

Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation has the philosophy that ALL programs are inclusive. If your child wants to use the Monon Community Center or participate in any of their many programs, just drop them an email and they can make accommodations to specifically fit your child’s needs. They can even facilitate a staff member to work directly with your child one-on-one if deemed necessary. But you can also find adaptive programs designed specifically for special needs children of all ages by searching their program guide with the key word “adaptive.” Some of these include sensory friendly family nightfishing and archery, kids night out, swim lessons, t-ball, and more.

As an autism mom and a writer for Indy with Kids, over the years I’ve learned a few tricks to make the most of our outings and have been pleasantly surprised to learn that most Indy attractions are pretty accommodating when you ask. Even so, sometimes it’s nice to find adaptive programs that are geared specifically for our kids.

Below are a few Adaptive Programs in Indianapolis:

Carmel Clay Parks – Families can request modifications to participate in any program, but you can also find adaptive programs designed specifically for special needs children of all ages. Some of these include kids karate, 5k training, yoga and creative kids (an adaptive art program). To request more information, visit their programs page or contact Michelle Yadon at (317) 573-5245 or to learn about modifications.

Sensory Friendly Movies – The lights are turned up, the volume is turned down and kids are given freedom to move and wiggle as much as they need. Click here to see a list of Indy theaters that offer this special treat.

The Arts – Get creative with Community Arts Classes through Art Mix, where people of all ages and abilities can express themselves through different mediums including ceramics, painting, music, and drama. Tuition is on a sliding scale based on household income and scholarships are available.

Sports and Fitness – Kids who need to move can find a wide array of special-needs sports and fitness programs all across town. Check out our sports directory to find one for your child.

Story Time – Preschoolers can enjoy a sensory-friendly story time at the Noblesville branch of Hamilton East Public Library on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 9:30. To keep the size small, registration is required and can be done online or by calling (317) 773-1384.

Choir – Jubilate is a choir for children in grades 3-9 with special needs. Special needs singers attend rehearsals once a week along with peer friends from the more advanced Indianapolis Children’s Choirs.

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