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This isn’t your grandmother’s after school activity list. Lifestyle and Indianapolis Family expert, Katy Mann from is here to share some awesome kids’ classes that you probably didn’t know existed.

“So often, children’s after school activities and hobbies are full of competition. It doesn’t have to be that way.” says Katy Mann. “There are so many opportunities out there for enrichment and learning, that focus on the growth and confidence of our children without the comparison to other children.”
Katy shares her list of some very cool after school activities for kids;

  • Takio drumming (Pronounced Ty-co), is a Japanese drumming class for kids of many ages. The class instructions are given in Japanese, which is another really cool introduction to a new language. You can find Takio drumming classes and camps in Columbus, Indiana and Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  • En Pointe Ballet Indiana offers a variety of really fun dance classes, including Musical Theater class. In this class, students dance routines to popular music from Disney movies, Broadway theater and others, while working on showing emotion in their dancing. They’ll learn the importance of communicating character and emotion through dance and facial expressions.
  • Cirque Indy Aerial Silks class for kids ages 8-12 is a wonderful class. Participants develop strength and body awareness through circus techniques, This gives kids a chance to test themselves and grow as they build self confidence and social skills.
  • NinjaZone classes take place in specially equipped NinjaZone studios or gymnastics gyms. Using specialized equipment and techniques, students learn the art of ninja through a combination of gymnastics, martial arts and parkour.
  • Q Skate Park offers two types of classes for skateboarders and those who want to be boarders. Beginners are welcome. Group skate classes start at $20 and private lessons are $35. Participants will become comfortable on their board, learn tricks and pick up speed.
  • Glass Blowing and Glass Arts are offered at the Circle City Industrial Complex. Depending on their age, kids can learn about glass fusing and glass blowing and even do some of their own creative work.

What are some super cool classes your kids have enjoyed? Let us know at

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