Art Parks and Sculpture Gardens in Indianapolis

We love art, and we love being outdoors – which makes living in Indianapolis a perfect city for us, since there’s no shortage of outdoor art displays around the city for our whole family to enjoy. From art you can climb on at the 100 Acres to art that represents pieces of our history surrounding the government buildings, Indianapolis has it all. So grab your kids and your most comfortable walking shoes, and get ready to pound the pavement while taking in some great pieces of art.

Newfields (Indianapolis Museum of Art) – gardens and grounds; 100 Acres Art and Nature Park. Of course the IMA is packed full of art, not only inside, but outside, as well. Just as you could spend a day inside the walls of the museum, you could spend just as much time exploring the gardens and grounds, or hiking through (and playing in) the 100 Acres.

Government buildings. You’d be surprised at the number of sculptures and pieces of art present in and around the various government buildings. The Indiana State House, the Government Center, and, of course, the American Legion Mall are packed with interesting (and historical) art pieces. Also, be sure to check out the Indiana Law Enforcement and Firefighters Memorial located next to the Government Center.

The Campus of IUPUI. There’s no shortage of art scattered around this college campus. Check out the Plaza at Riley Hospital for Children, the Wood Fountain, and the Mega-Gem.

The Campus of University of Indianapolis. UIndy has so many sculptures on campus it put together a map for you! So print this out and go on a “sculpture walk” of campus!

Indianapolis Art Center. As you would expect, the grounds of the Indianapolis Art Center are worth exploring for the variety of different installations and interesting pieces.

Monon Trail. Travel along the Monon Trail for any length of time and you’re sure to come upon some kind of art installation. From sculptures to gardens to murals, you’ll see it all. Children and adults alike will want to go that extra mile to explore the what lies further down the path.

Downtown in general. Central Canal Walk, Mass Ave., White River State Park – you can’t go wrong. A variety of different art displays and architectural designs to ooo and ahh over.

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