The Musical Swings in Lawrence Are Back and So Much Fun

Ever since the Musical Swings made an appearance in Lawrence a few years ago, everyone has been asking when they’ll be back. That’s right, this fun installment that visited for a month during the summer was a precursor to the highly anticipated Lawrence Cultural Campus and they’re BACK!

Musical Swings in Indianapolis

Families can stop by by and pump their legs back and forth on these colorful swings to create musical notes. In the evenings, you’ll see the bottoms of the swings all lit up, adding to the whimsical feel of it all. The beautiful musical notes sound like wind chimes in the breeze, interrupted only by the sounds of kiddos laughing or begging their adults for a push.

In May 2019, we shared with you details from this correspondence from Judy Byron, Executive Director of Arts for Lawrence; “The designer of the Musical Swings is a traveling art installation by Daily Tous Les Jours, out of Montreal. They will design a permanent installation just for us that will be incorporated into the Cultural Plaza going in the same general area as the Swings.”

Things to do in the Lawrence Area

If you’re looking for things to do while you’re visiting the Musical Swings, the east side has a plethora of places to go! Stephanie Greenwald recommends a visit to Fort Harrison State Park where you’ll find horseback riding, playgrounds, walking trails, bike trails, fishing, hiking and so many things to do.

There are several dining options in the area: Jockamo’s (yummy pizza!), Cafe Audrey (yummy breakfast food!), and Triton Brewing & Bistro (haven’t got to try yet) are all within walking distance of the musical swings. We’d like to add Hacienda Mexican Restaurant to the list, especially for their outdoor patio dining.

3 thoughts on “The Musical Swings in Lawrence Are Back and So Much Fun”

  1. The swings are a traveling art exhibition by Daily Tous Les Jours ( These incredible designers have been hired by Arts for Lawrence to build a site specific permanent installation as part of the Fort Ben Cultural Campus along with many other amenities, thanks the generous gift of $5.85mm from the Lilly Endowment – Strengthening Indianapolis through Arts and Cultural Innovation. Stop in the Theater at the Fort while at the swings to learn more!

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  3. The swings and chimes are a wonderful idea. The chimes are lovely.
    We took our young grandson, and the swings are quite large and slippery. Maybe some sort of traction would be helpful for the younger kids…

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