Everyone has been singing about the musical swings that were installed in the Lawrence area. Until today, I didn’t know that they aren’t there to stay. That’s right, this fun installment is precursor to the highly anticipated Lawrence Cultural Campus, but it’s only here until June 9th. You can visit them at 8950 Otis Avenue, Indianapolis.

Families can stop by and pump their legs back and forth on these colorful swings to create musical notes. In the evening, you’ll see the bottoms of the swings lit up, adding to the whimsical feel of it all. The beautiful musical notes sounds like wind chimes in the breeze, interrupted only by the sounds of kiddos laughing or begging their adults for a push.

The musical swings are open 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Parking is available in the lot behind the swings. There are three picnic tables available for seating but there isn’t much shade. Bring insect repellent in the evening. There are no public restrooms available, go before you go 🙂

Things to do in the Lawrence Area

If you’re looking for things to do while you’re visiting the musical swings, the east side has a plethora of places to go! Stephanie Greenwald recommends a visit to Fort Harrison State Park where you’ll find horseback riding, playgrounds, walking trails, bike trails, fishing, hiking and so many things to do.

Incrediplex is right down the street and they have so much for kids to do. The musical swings would be a great stop on the way to or from Incrediplex.

Jessica Young recommends several dining options in the area: Jockamo’s (yummy pizza!), Cafe Audrey (yummy breakfast food!), and Triton Brewing & Bistro (haven’t got to try yet) are all within walking distance of the musical swings. We’d like to add Hacienda Mexican Restaurant to the list, especially for their outdoor patio dining.

Indy with Kids favorite, Table + Tea is across the parking lot from the musical swings. Table + Tea has refreshments during regular hours and lots of fun programming for kids.