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Dig Dig for Kids is Indiana’s largest indoor sandbox. This new indoor play place offers a unique and stimulating environment for children up to age 10. It’s designed as a safe and fun-filled space, covering an area of 1100 square feet. The sandbox at Dig Dig for Kids is an indoor place for play and a community hub.

Admission Prices for Dig Dig

60 minutes – $16 per child
90 minutes – $21 per child
120 minutes – $26 per child

Punch cards and memberships are also available.

The sand play fee for every young explorer includes entry for two adults at no additional cost. However, for any additional adults, there is a fee of $3 per person.

If your child has a sibling over the age of 10 and would like to play along, they are welcome as long as they follow the Sand Play Rules and are extra considerate of the younger ones.

One of the highlights at Dig Dig for Kids is the SandMaster 440, a classic sand toy that has returned to the market after 20 years. This toy simulates a real-life sand conveyor that loads and unloads sand into dump trucks and other construction equipment. Dig Dig also has several seated sand diggers that are popular on playgrounds.

Dig Dig for Kids Hours

The sandbox is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 8 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to 8 pm. Sundays are reserved for private parties and birthday parties.

Dig Dig for Kids Address

Dig Dig for Kids is located at 12800 Ford Drive, Fishers, IN 46038

There’s a special seating area exclusively for adults. There’s complimentary Wi-Fi and phone charging stations. This is a great place to work while kids play.

  • Kids must be 10 years or younger
  • Adults, parents, or guardians must stay and supervise
  • No food, drink, candy, or gum in sandbox
  • Everyone must wash their hands after eating in the snack area
  • No shoes or socks in the sandbox
  • No throwing sand, running, or screaming
  • All sandbox toys must stay in the sandbox
  • Personal toys are not permitted
  • Burying someone is not permitted

Indianapolis Birthday Parties at Dig Dig

Dig Dig for Kids has a private party room with picnic table seating, a continuation of the construction theme, and a private sandbox for guests. It’s the perfect birthday party place for boys and girls who love sandboxes and construction.

What is the Best Age for Dig Dig?

Children age three to eight or nine years old will likely enjoy Dig Dig for Kids the most.

12800 Ford Drive

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