Author: Jill Enustun

Sewing Classes for Kids in Indianapolis

Do you have a little seamstress or seamster in you home? Do you often find them playing around your sewing machine trying to create something with your scraps? Do they love to watch you make something and ask a lot of questions? Or do you simply think it would be something your child would enjoy doing? If so, here are the top 5 best reviewed places for your child to learn how to sew.   A Sewing Studio               Located in Carmel. Offers 1 hour a week classes for children age 6+ Sewing...

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Christmas Themed Sensory Experiences to do at Home

Looking for some fun easy Christmas activities that will keep your kiddos busy during the holiday season? Here are my top 5 DIY activities that can be reused throughout the season. Light Table I was pleasantly surprised on how easy this was to make. What you need: shallow storage box with a transparent lid foil tape clear Christmas lights white tissue paper (the kind for packing gift bags) What you do: Start by lining the storage box with foil, taping it at various points to hold it in place. Line the underside of the lid with white tissue paper....

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