ALL ages will find their fun at Avalanche Bay Waterpark at Boyne Mountain, Michigan.

Avalanche Bay Waterpark | Boyne Mountain, Michigan

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A group of my friends and I walked through Avalanche Bay Waterpark at Boyne Mountain Resort in Petoskey, Michigan. Unlike everyone else in the building, we’re wearing clothing — they’re all in bathing suits. We “oooh” and “ahh” at the slides, the splash areas, the Flowrider, and the newest water slide, the Big Couloir. I knew I had to bring my family back.

boyne mountain indoor waterpark water slide michigan all ages
With waterparks, you can generally be certain that there will be at least one activity that every family member can enjoy and after spending the day at Avalanche Bay (in my bathing suit, with my children), I can assure you that we all had fun! My daughter Lulu (age 4) conquered her first solo ride on a couple of water slides, Scout (age 2) went down the slide a few times with her dad and me, James (7 months) sat in my lap and splashed in the kiddie area.
boyne mountain indoor waterpark water slide michiganI had a thrill of my own. When my adult friends and I parted ways, I promised to take one for the team — I would ride the Big Couloir, and send them photos.

I climbed into a capsule and the clear door closed and held me inside. My children watched from the platform right outside of the capsule, excited to see Mom try something new. An automated voice counted down, “Three, two, one.” My heart stopped and my body tensed in anticipation. Nothing happened. I wanted it to happen right when the woman said “three,” but it didn’t. Time slowed down. And then I was gone.

A trap door opened and dropped me at an angle that was only 10 degrees from being completely vertical. I fell (yes, fell) into a tunnel (there’s no such thing as “sliding” at that kind of angle) at 38 feet per second, where I’m told there was a 360-degree loop. I don’t remember that.

I didn’t scream. There was no time for that. I think I started to pray, but then it was over.

And I went again for a second try. Well, I went again after I met up with my children who were convinced that I disappeared. They thought I was magic.
petoskey area michigan boyne mountain waterpark michigan
All day we tried every slide, played in every pool, rode around and around the lazy river, and boogie-boarded the Flowrider. Whenever we heard the horn, most of us ran under the Splasherhorn, where 800 gallons of water were dumped all over everyone below.
boyne mountain indoor waterpark water slide michigan splasherhorn
If you’re ever in the Petoskey area or a guest at the Boyne Mountain Resort, this is a can’t-miss spot! Everyone in your family will have a great time at Michigan’s largest indoor waterpark resort.
boyne mountain indoor waterpark water slide michigan flowrider

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