Back-to-School Breakfast Celebration

Within our group of neighbors we have many traditions. Our annual Halloween fire pit and last day of school water balloon fight are just a few. However, I would venture to say the one that our kids will always remember is the Back-To- School Breakfast.

What is a Back-To-School Breakfast?

Our Back-to-School Breakfast story began with a large group of Kindergartners heading off to school who also shared the same bus stop. One of the moms suggested we do a breakfast send-off for them at the bus stop which happened to be my driveway. Everyone brought some breakfast items, we took some pictures, and had such a great time.

What started as a Kindergarten send-off breakfast was such a hit that twelve years later we are still continuing this tradition. We call it the Back-to-School Breakfast.

It’s such a simple, quick event but the first day of school wouldn’t be complete without this. We even had our first alumni of the breakfast come back to join us this year. If two college boys will wake up early when they don’t have to, it shows how memorable this time is for these kids.

Start Your Own Back-To-School Tradition

Do you have a large bus stop or live around a lot of kids attending the same school? If so, I highly recommend starting this tradition.

Here are some tips for starting your own back-to-school breakfast tradition

Make it a Pitch-in

Don’t try to take it all on yourself. Ask people to sign up for various items. I usually set up the tables and provide all of the plates, cups, utensils, and napkins. We typically do an evite and ask everyone to RSVP with the amount of people attending and what they are bringing.

Consider inviting grandparents too! As a future hopeful grandparent, I can’t think of anything more wonderful than seeing my grandchild head off to Kindergarten—or any first day of school.

Breakfast Pro Tip

Don’t overdo it on the food. Kids do not eat a lot before school, especially on the first day when they can be nervous. Make sure there is an assortment of protein, pastries, fruit, and drinks. Muffins and doughnuts are always a hit, but make sure there to balance your menu with  a protein so you don’t send them away with a sugar buzz!

Timing is Everything

If you start too early then kids will be tired by 10 am, if you start too late then they’ll be rushed eating. Plan on starting approximately thirty minutes before the bus arrives. This is plenty of time for people to eat, mingle, and take those first day of school pictures.

Don’t Forget the Photo

In our tradition we take pictures by grade, by family, and a large group one at the end of the breakfast. Recently, I’ve been getting balloons with the year on them so we can remember what year that photo was taken. You think you’ll never forget what your child wore on their first day of school, but then you do. Also, taking them in the same spot makes for a nice touch to show how much our kids grow.

Enjoy Breakfast Outside

There is no reason to stress trying to clean your house before the first day of school. If it’s outside in a driveway then there really isn’t much prep. If it’s raining then either host in your garage or put out some pop up tents.

Post Your Pictures!

Every year in mid-August, we scroll through our memories on Social Media and have that wonderful sense of nostalgia from seeing our babies from years past. I have friends who can’t wait to see our pics every year. So, post away! Perhaps seeing your beautiful pictures will inspire another back-to-school breakfast.

This tradition has lessened any first day jitters that our kids might have. I was worried that some of the younger kids would like a quiet morning, however, they have all love the send-off and get on the bus without a tear. There is so much excitement and reassurance from the older students that no one seems to get upset. Although, I can’t say there haven’t been tears from the moms.

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