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Free indoor playgrounds are an awesome place to take your kids in Indianapolis! If you’re looking for a place your kids can play inside, we have five play spaces with free admission. Click through to find out more information, see photos and videos of the indoor playgrounds and get their hours. If you need a place for your kids to play while you work, click here for a few ideas.

Places to Play Inside in Indianapolis and Surrounding Areas

Always call ahead to check on hours, special closures or changes in schedule. Many indoor play places offer open hours because of volunteers, consider taking a shift! Please bring your own clean socks and check the rules for bringing your own food and beverages. Playground manufacturers generally have their own recommendations for the equipment including not wearing jewelry, loose clothing, or clothing with drawstrings. All of this is for your child’s safety while playing in the play structure and play equipment. If you’re interested in swimming in an indoor pool, we know where those are too.

Find an Indoor Playground Near Me

If you’re searching for a playground near you, you’re in luck. These indoor play spaces are popping up in churches and community centers all over town, if there isn’t one in your immediate area, just hang tight! Most playgrounds are perfect for the preschool crowd and up and many of them offer a toddler playground area.

The Park Indoor Playground at Traders Point Church

The indoor play space at The Park Playground at Traders Point Church offers free admission, an eating area, evening hours, and weekend hours! A designated infant and toddler play area makes this indoor playground a great fit for most ages. This large room filled with natural light will help keep the winter blues away no matter what the weather is like and keeps kids cool in the summer.

The Tree House Indoor Playground at Plainfield Christian Church 

The beautiful space to play indoors at the Tree House at Plainfield Christian Church is a popular spot for preschoolers and school-aged kids. With a beautiful, whimsical treehouse play set, kids are sure to make friends and with comfortable and plentiful seating, adults are sure to make a friend or two also!

The Center at The Well Indoor Playground

A multi-use space open to the public for play dates and fun. This Indianapolis area indoor playground is on the west side of Indy in Brownsburg. The Well’s indoor playground features include a multi-level climber, repurposed toys, and a game closet! Check it all out, admission is free.

Cornerstone Lutheran Church Indoor Playground

Cornerstone Lutheran Church in Fishers has a fun and colorful indoor play space that’s wonderful for most ages. My littles loved running around and climbing. Be sure to check their hours for any adjustments during school breaks and holidays. Is Fishers a bit of a drive for you? The Indy Cornerstone Lutheran location recently opened a free community playspace as well.

We’re always looking for even more fun indoor playgrounds, so if you find one, let us know in the comments! Our family has visited each and every single indoor play space on this list and we love them all. I’m so thankful that we live and play in a community that values providing safe and beautiful spaces for children to play inside and outside, year-round.

Find even more indoor play places on Indy with Kids.


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  1. Main Street at Crossroads isn’t open to the public anymore. They are hosting a daycare there now, and don’t schedule open play days in the summer.

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