The Treehouse Indoor Playground

The Treehouse Indoor Playground | Plainfield Christian Church

This magical play space will mesmerize your kids with its large treehouse structure, bright colorful lights, and innovative new ways to play indoors with those favorite outdoor toys. It’s perhaps the greatest indoor playground in Indianapolis and it’s inside of Plainfield Christian Church!

The Treehouse Children’s Center at Plainfield Christian Church is a great place to take those kiddos to burn off energy, and it’s quickly becoming one of the favorite free indoor playgrounds in the Indianapolis area. Located in Hendricks County on the west side of Indy in Plainfield. Plainfield Christian Church is a very short drive from downtown.

The Treehouse Children’s Center at Plainfield Christian Church

The Treehouse at Plainfield Christian Church offers ample parking space for visitors. For wheelchair guests; there is a curved dropping area and doors that are wheelchair accessible. Enter at door number 5, which is located at the back side of the church. Upon entering the double doors, there is an extra set of doors on the left side with kid-friendly stickers that greet guests to the treehouse play area.

Once inside the play area; guests are greeted by Church staff who will help get your family signed up to play. The treehouse is free and open to the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-11 am and from 1-3 pm for open play (please call ahead to confirm open play times). The play space allows children ages birth through 12 years of age.

After signing up at the front desk; to the left, there is a long hall lined up with coat hangers, which is a great place to hang jackets or coats while visiting. Restrooms are near the desk area, there are baby changing stations, diaper pails, and stools for kids to reach the sink. Shoes and socks must be worn at all times. Snacks, baby food, and water bottles are allowed.

Upon entering the seating area; there are plenty of seats for parents, grandparents, and caregivers to sit at. Some seats also contain ottomans to relax on and small tables to place your items on. The seats in the area are all facing the treehouse, allowing adults to be able to see their children play.

Playing at The Treehouse Children’s Center

The large Treehouse play structure is the highlight of visiting this indoor play space. The entire structure looks like a giant treehouse, with giant tree limbs that are adorned with large green leaves and a sprouting flower. The floor level of the treehouse has a driving wheel, play gear, a crawl area, a small rock climbing wall, and various climbing structures to enter the treehouse.

Children can step up on the structure by its foe rocks and onto the stairs to the main area of the treehouse. The main level of the treehouse is a great place for kids to run and play with friends. The area has small stairs that lead little ones to a smaller twisty slide, it’s a great slide for toddlers and smaller children who are not quite ready for the larger slides. There are also colorful drums and a ladder that leads to the top level of the treehouse.

Once at the top level of the treehouse, it’s recommended for children ages 5 and up. At the top level, kids can see the tree structure up close. There is a matching game, a telescope, and a great view of everyone down below, which makes for fun imaginative play. The top level also houses two large slides; one slide is a blue closed twisty slide and the other one is a twisty open slide.

The Treehouse has Toys and Riding Cars

The treehouse structure isn’t the only fun aspect of this indoor play space. There are various riding toys–cozy coupes, tricycles, plasma cars, and smaller ride-on toys for little ones.

Near the front desk, there’s a shelf with various coloring pages, lots of crayons, and a table for coloring. Two play kitchens along with lots of kitchen toys, a tea set, and Fisher Price kitchen toys geared toward children under one. There’s a train table with lots of great Thomas & Friends trains. Wooden train track sets and trains can be built on the floor. An area that’s a hit with kids is the various Hot Wheels track structures with buckets of Hot Wheels cars. There are also plenty of larger cars to play with and Fisher Price car wash toys.

Throughout the treehouse, you’ll see various playstations, and you’ll find other toys such as a LEGO/Duplo table with lots of LEGO Bricks and a teeter-totter that kids love. Lots of colorful traffic cones, hula hoops, and wooden activity tables. A tiny slide that is perfect for new walkers and babies. These toys throughout the treehouse change often; with various seasons and donations the treehouse staff will bring out new toys for kids to play with.

Baby Play Area at The Treehouse

If you have a little one who isn’t walking just yet, the baby play area is the perfect place to take little ones who are not ready for the larger open play space. The baby area has soft cushioned padding and a cushioned, tiny play structure. Colorful activity table, bouncy balls, and various baby toys. This area has a baby gate all along the corner to allow babies to stay in and to keep older children from entering the area, creating a safe environment for tiny ones to play.

Free Coffee at The Treehouse

Did we mention this indoor play space has a great kitchen offering adults free coffee and water? The kitchen is equipped with a Keurig coffee machine, various flavored syrups, sugar, and flavored creamers. There’s also hot water for tea, hot chocolate, or if you need to whip up a quick bottle for the baby. If you happen to forget your kiddo’s snack or water bottle, the kitchen has cold water and gummies for kids to enjoy and it’s all free. This is a totally free Play Cafe!

More Activities at Plainfield Christian Church

While the Free indoor Treehouse play space is a great place to play, Plainfield Christian church offers families various activities throughout the year. The Church offers a toddler and preschool program. During Christmas time your family can enjoy the “Treehouse Christmas” event; where the community is invited to learn the Christmas story with a hands-on interactive story, play, crafts, and snacks.

The Treehouse indoor playground was built with the community in mind, it’s a safe and welcoming environment for all families across central Indiana to enjoy.

The Treehouse Indoor Playground in Plainfield at Plainfield Christian Church is in the background as a child rides the slide down.

The Treehouse Children’s Center Hours

Admission is free and open to the community.
Hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9-11 am and 1 pm – 3 pm.
Enter door #5
Call ahead to check for cancellations or special closings: (317) 839-2384

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Visit The Treehouse Indoor Playground | Plainfield Christian Church

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