11 Ways to Have Bubble Fun at Home

School is out for summer and that means even more time to fill since there won’t be e-learning to fill the day.  With so many summer camps and day camps being closed, parents are scrambling to figure out how to fill the days with meaningful play and ways to break the monotony. Creating a bubble day at home is a ton of fun and gets the entire family involved.

Bubble Blowing Contest

Get everyone in the competitive spirit with a bubble blowing contest. There are many ways to do this. See who can blow the most bubbles with a bubble wand in one breath; whose bubble can travel the furthest, or who can make the biggest bubble are great contests to have. With older children, have a bubble gum blowing contest. Make sure to have a ruler handy to measure the bubbles before they pop! Have a camera ready to take pictures of bubbles popping all over faces with this one!

Bubble Foam

Bubble Foam is amazing! Wonderful for sensory play and easy to make, bubble foam is versatile for all kinds of play. Credit is due to Busy Toddler for sharing this magic. All that is needed is soap (tear free), water, and food coloring (optional). Combine these and use a hand mixer to whip into luscious soft foam. Really mix this at high speed for 2 solid minutes. This can be put in any plastic container for kids to play with, but a water table or kiddie pool work great for this as well.


  • ¼ cup tear free liquid soap (bubble bath)
  • ½ cup water
  • A few drops of food coloring
  • Hand mixer

Bubble Painting

Creating art outside is a fun way to switch up the typical art time. By mixing 3 tablespoons of bubble mixture with 2 tablespoons of paint, bubble paint is easily made. Spread out paper and then use bubble wands or straws to blow bubbles onto the paper. Once they pop, circles of paint are left behind. Hang up the masterpieces on the fridge!

Bubble Wand Making

This activity is great for fine motor skills. Fuzzy pipe cleaners and beads are needed to make the wands. Twist the pipe cleaners into fun shapes like stars and hearts and decorate the sticks with beads. Dip in bubble mixture for more backyard entertainment. Little ones love pretending that they have real fairy wands to wave around.

Bubble Machine

Bubble machines are the best. Blowing bubbles for little kids gets exhausting and I for one know that my kids will immediately spill all the bubbles on the ground if I hand them over. Insert: bubble machine. Sure, you have to buy it but trust, it is worth it. Make contests for who can pop the most bubbles, keep track of how far away the bubbles travel, or simply chase them around the yard.

Bubble Bath

No, not the typical before bed bubble bath. This is a special midday how are we going to make it to bedtime bubble bath. Make it fun with loads of bubbles, put on swimsuits, and bring toys that don’t normally go in the bathtub. We bring in all of our plastic dinosaurs. Added bonus, the toys get cleaned! This can really last for quite a while too, this is a bath all about play not getting clean as fast as we can so we can get to bed ASAP! This is a great activity for rainy days too.

Car Wash

Use that bubble foam or buckets of soapy water to wash those plastic ride in cars, tricycles, and bicycles. Make sure to include old sponges and rags to let the kids get the full experience of running their car wash. Older kids might like to wash mom and dad’s cars too!

Giant Bubbles

Giant bubbles! These are the best. For this activity, you will need a hula hoop, kiddie pool, and something to use as a step stool. Pour the special giant bubble mixture into the kiddie pool. Put your child in the middle of the kiddie pool on a step stool and carefully lift the hula hoop around your child. A gigantic bubble will surround them and they will be in awe of your greatness. But, seriously, this is cool.

Giant Bubble Mixture Recipe:

  • 6 cups water
  • 1/2 cup dish detergent
  • 1/2 cup corn starch
  • 2 tbsp baking powder (not baking soda)
  • 1 tbsp Glycerine

Bubble Snakes

Using some odds and ends around the house, bubble snakes come to life before you know it. Cut a plastic bottle in half. Wrap an old sock around the cut end and secure with a rubber band. Dip in shallow dish of dish soap and water, then blow. A snake of bubble will begin to pour out of the end. Add food coloring to make different colors of snakes.

Household Bubble Wands

Search around the house, especially in the kitchen to find other utensils that could be used as bubble wands. Compare and contrast which ones are the best or worst at making bubbles.

Make Your Own Bubble Blower

Gather some plastic straws and wrap the together with tape to create your very own bubble blowing machine. Lots of mini bubbles will pour out of these. This works well with the bubble paint, dip into the bubble paint and blow the mini bubbles directly onto the paper.

Whether you have an official bubble day at home or just tuck these activities away for the times when you cannot think of anything to entertain your children; these ideas should bring some fun to the hot summer days!

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