Caravan Classes in Noblesville

If you have a budding artist in your family, you should check out Caravan Classes Studio in Noblesville, Indiana.  Located a block south of the town square at 92 S. 9th Street, you will find a quaint studio that offers classes for kids broken down by age groups.  (And they offer classes for adults too.)  Toddler, Preschool, Homeschool, After School and Teens.  These classes are offered at different times throughout the day and utilizes various mediums.  Each class has age appropriate activities and art projects.

I took my youngest to the toddler art class and on that particular day the class project involved texture.  We started with a fun shape hunt throughout the studio.  Then got out the paints along with brushes, rollers, stamps and sticks.  The children swirled the paint around on their paper using these various tools.  Next they tore up paper and added to the painting.  We talked about warm spring colors and the different patterns and shapes the tools left behind in the paint.

The children were free to create at their own pace and level.  And the best part of all was any mess stayed at the studio.  And my child’s masterpiece came home with us that day to hang on the fridge.

Besides these weekly workshops Caravan classes also hosts specified project classes where you can sign up to make a certain craft like a birdhouse, painted canvas, jewelry making or even a fairy garden. These change frequently so check their website for all the details.  These classes can be for adults too, so feel free to explore your artistic side as well.

And Caravan classes will come to you and conduct a art class for any party or event.  A mobile, pop up art class.  Look for them at festivals around the Indy area this summer as their studio can be on the move.  For more information you can also follow them on Instagram.

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