Children's Museum Haunted House for TeensLast night, I had the immense terror (pleasure?) of taking 5 teenagers to the Children’s Museum Pirate’s Revenge haunted house. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has always offered two levels for their haunted house to serve kids of all ages. Last year, they added a third level for teens who don’t scare quite so easily.

Xtreme Scream is recommended for ages 15 and up and runs for only three nights through the Halloween season. It opened this weekend to much screaming and laughter. And no small amount of panic. This haunted house is an annual tradition for our kids, but the newest version is not for the faint of heart.

Far beyond the simple “lights out” feel of frightening hours, Xtreme Scream packs a punch. The scarers don’t simply jump out of their spaces to surprise you. They stalk you. They chase you. They block your path. In short, they can absolutely terrorize you.

The teens loved it. I was legitimately terrified the entire time. I screamed. I panicked. I tried to escape. (Pro tip: you can’t go backwards.) I may have peed my pants once or twice. (I’ve had three kids, you guys.)

Next time, I’ll send the older kids on their own. It was really just too much for me, but I’m grateful for a spookier haunted house option in a safe setting. I love that there’s a way to continue an annual tradition without boring the teenagers.

If you want to take your teens to Xtreme Scream, here are a few things you should know before you go:

  • The cost of Xtreme Scream tickets is $12, compared to the usual $8. There are more actors involved in producing the scarier event.
  • Half-Price repeat tickets are available. A few of the kids in our group went through a second time for only $6.
  • They only let in groups of 3-4 at a time. There were six of us, and they split us into two separate groups.
  • Xtreme Scream is available for two more nights – Saturday, October 24th and Friday, October 30th, 8:30-11pm.
  • This version is recommended for kids 15 and older. It is scarier. The crowd is generally older. There is often more cussing. (Okay, that may have been mostly me.)
  • The terror starts as soon as you walk in the door. There is actor interaction in the line, but the pirate will not selfie with you. I asked.
  • White glows in the blacklight throughout the haunted house. Wear it to stand out or wear black in hopes of hiding from the scarers, whichever works for you.
  • If you get disoriented, each area contains a set of glowing footprints you can follow into the next room.
  • The exit vortex is double-length this year. Dizziness and vertigo are practically guaranteed.
  • The Boo-tique is still open if your kids want a snack or drink after the haunted house. Concessions and souvenirs start at $1. There is also a $3 photo booth. (Which is not large enough for five teens, in case you wondered.)

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