Holiday Toy Haul | What We Loved at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair

The Chicago Toy and Game Fair (ChiTAG) is an annual weekend event that takes place in the Chicago Area. We love attending ChiTAG with our children for so many reasons;

  • A day at ChiTAG is a day of play for the whole family at an incredibly low price
  • There are tons of interactive booths featuring the latest toys and games
  • You get to meet the inventors of many of the hottest games and toys
  • There are special deals and discounts on the featured toys and games

We got a lot of our holiday shopping completed for our four children and our nieces. Not only did we get great deals on the items we purchased, but they’re all toys and games that I KNOW my kids love — they played with them all weekend at the booths we visited.

Check out some of the items that made it on our ChiTAG hit list.

Disclosure: I am an ambassador for the Chicago Toy and Game Fair and some of the links below are affiliate links. Some of the toys below were gifts or giveaways at ChiTAG.

103-Piece Magnetic Tiles
Magnetic Building Set for Kids

My seven and nine year old kids play with Squaregles all the time at home. It was time to expand their set!

The weighted arms of the Bumpas are like a hug whenever you need it. My kids fell in love with these lovable friends..

Just like the ones you had when you were little!

My 11 year old LOVES all of the World’s Smallest Brand items. The Barbie line is so cute…and so tiny!

4 Projects Circuit Board Building Blocks Toy Set

There are so many things your kids can build and engineer with this small set, add a few more sets and you never know what they’ll create.

2 Pack Bundle with Gellet Depot

I had to add Gel Blaster because it was such a hit with our whole family last Christmas. This year we added some glow in the dark gellets to our collection.

Every time I turned around, my kids were playing this game TOGETHER! There was a competition and they entered and made it to the semi-finals. I just know they’re going to love playing this over the holiday break.

50-Piece Magnetic Construction Se

Our MAGNA-TILES collection at home was missing dinosaurs. Magnetic building sets are my kids’ jam and with the addition of posable figures, they’re going to be so happy!

I remember playing these games for hours at my grandparent’s house when I was visiting for the holidays. These are going to be fantastic stocking stuffers.

High Speed Electronic Puzzle Game Cube with Lights & Sound

My kids love a good challenge and ZoomQube has six different games for them to play.

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Baby Paper Baby Toys

Crinkle Cuddlers Monkey Toy Gift Set

This is such soft and adorable friend. The perfect gift for our baby niece.

Realistic Lab Experience

My teen is hungry for knowledge and she wants to be a doctor. This dissection kit is great for her + she can do it over and over with the included refills.

Kanoodle swept our home last year and it’s no different this year. With new challenging sets available, it’s the perfect kit for some quiet time, a car ride, waiting in the doctor’s office or anytime.

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