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Are you looking for something different to do outdoors that the whole family will love? Look no further than disc golf, also known as frisbee golf! Like golf, there are courses for disc golf and a set par for each hole. Unlike golf, all you need to play are discs or even frisbees, and the courses are often free all day, any day!

How to Play Disc Golf

The game of disc golf is simple. To start, find the basket labeled #1. Start on the tee, which is usually a concrete platform. Then, count how many throws it takes to get your disc into the large metal basket. For more in-depth rules about how to play frisbee golf, see the rules at the bottom.

Disc Golf Equipment

If you have frisbees, they are perfectly fine to use for beginners. Discs are heavier, smaller, and thicker than frisbees, which makes them easier to control. A disc set with a putter, driver, and mid-range disc can be found for about $20 online. We usually use just one disc per round per person and haven’t yet noticed much difference in a putter, driver, or mid-range disc. As players become more advanced, they may want to use the disc sets. We sometimes see players with satchels and even pull carts filled with discs at courses we visit.

A child throws a disc into a disc golf Indianapolis course.

Disc Golf Courses

Courses have 6, 9, 18, or more holes, and they are located all around Indianapolis. We never realized there were so many great courses so close to us. It’s a great family game because you can make your own par for each hole, let different aged children start in different places, and play for as long as you’d like. I have kiddos from toddlers to teenagers, and they’ve all tried the courses we’ve visited. My teen usually plays 9 or 18 holes, and then the others keep busy walking the trails, looking for rocks, and picking flowers.

Here are a few of our favorite courses to play frisbee golf or disc golf in Indianapolis:

Disc Golf Courses around Indy

Dr. James A. Dillon Park

7200 Midlands Lane, Noblesville 46060

Dillon Park is a well-kept park with 18 holes. There are a few holes that are wooded and a few around a pond, but it is mostly flat. There is also a skate park, playground, and even a splash park here along with trails.

Grassy Creek Park

300 Ballpark Drive, New Whiteland 46184

This disc golf course is at Grassy Creek Park, split between East Park and West Park. East Park has the first nine holes and is open with few trees. Just be careful of the creek (I may have fallen in trying to retrieve a disc)! There is a playground and a nice shelter there, too. West Park has the last nine holes and also has a playground, but is not as stroller-friendly.

Blue Heron Park

405 Driftwood Court, Franklin 46131

This park is one of the largest disc golf courses we found. It features 25 holes and takes you through wetlands, woods, and flatlands. You may want to use an old disc or frisbee on some holes because they are easy to lose in the long grass, woods, and water. (If you find our green disc, let me know!) It also has a paved trail, so it’s stroller-friendly. There was a lot of walking between holes, so this one may be best for older kids. My younger kids thought the playgrounds and exercise stations looked fun, but we didn’t get to play on them this trip.

Avon Town Hall Park

6570 E US Hwy 36, Avon 46123

This course takes you through Avon’s Town Hall Park and even has scorecards in the mailbox by the first tee. There are 18 holes, some long and open, others around a lake or in woods. It is said to be unique compared to other area disc golf courses.

Westfield Lions Disc Golf Course

205 W. Hoover Street, Westfield 46074

Located within Asa Bales Park, this 9-hole course has many trees and a creek that runs through it. Half the holes are located on the north end of the bridge and the other half are on the south end. We also love the beautiful playground at this park.

New Hope Church Disc Golf Course

5307 Fairview Road, Greenwood 46142

This course is perfect for beginners. There is a paved trail that encircles the 6-hole course, so I often walk the trail with my younger kids while my older son plays the course. There is also a large shelter with picnic tables and a small playground in the middle of the course. It’s one of our favorites to stop in for a quick break.

Raymond Park

8575 E. Raymond Street, Indianapolis 46239

Located in front of Raymond Park Middle School, this is another great course for beginners. There are 9 holes in an open area and holes are well-marked.

Coyote Trace Disc Golf Course

S 325 E, Nineveh 46164

The Coyote Trace Disc Golf course is located within Johnson County Park on the site of an old golf course. It is a large 18-hole course with some wooded holes and some open holes. It is nicely marked, but not stroller-friendly. Bring bug spray to this one.

Disc Golf Indianapolis

In Indianapolis and the surrounding areas, you can find several frisbee/disc golf courses. Here’s a list of notable courses in and around Indianapolis, Indiana:

  1. Avon Town Hall Park – 6570 E. US Hwy 36, Avon
  2. Blue Heron Park – 405 Driftwood Court, Franklin
  3. Boondocks Farms – Private Course (Pay a fee to play 18 holes) – 8001 South Grant City Road, Knightstown
  4. Brookside Park Disc Golf Course – 3500 Brookside Parkway South Drive, Indianapolis
  5. Dillon Park – Off 146th & Cherry Tree Lane-or- 146th & Hazel Dell behind Kroger, Noblesville
  6. Freedom Park – West of the intersection of Averitt and Stop 18 roads, Greenwood
  7. Grassy Creek Park – 300 Ballpark Drive, New Whiteland
  8. Hummel Park – 1500 S. Center St., Plainfield
  9. Johnson County Park Coyote Trace Disc Golf Course
  10. Morse Beach Park Disc Golf Course – 19777 Morse Park Ln, Noblesville
  11. New Hope Church Disc Golf Course – 5307 Fairview Road, Greenwood
  12. Northwestway Park Disc Golf Course – W 62nd St, Indianapolis
  13. Pinehurts Disc Golf Course – Private Course
  14. Raymond Park Frisbee Golf Course – 8575 E Raymond St, Indianapolis, IN 46239
  15. Sahm Park Disc Golf Course – 6801 E 91st St, Indianapolis
  16. Washington Park Disc Golf Course – 3259 N Dearborn St, Indianapolis
  17. Westfield Lions Disc Golf Course – 205 W. Hoover Street, Westfield

There are many more courses around Indiana. To find more, visit www.discgolfscene.com, www.dgcoursereview.com, or even just google “disc golf near me.” Have fun!

Frisbee Golf Rules or Disc Golf Rules

Playing frisbee golf, also known as disc golf, is a fun and accessible sport that combines elements of frisbee and golf. Here are six easy steps to get you started:

1. Understand the Objective

The goal of frisbee golf is to complete each hole in the fewest number of throws. A hole is completed when the disc lands in the metal basket. Like traditional golf, the course consists of a series of holes (typically 9 or 18).

2. Get the Right Equipment

You’ll need a disc or a set of discs designed for disc golf. There are three main types:

  • Driver: For long-range throws.
  • Mid-range: For intermediate distances.
  • Putter: For short distances and accuracy into the basket.

Beginners can start with a single mid-range disc and add more specialized discs as they gain experience.

3. Learn the Basic Grip and Stance

Grip: Hold the disc with your thumb on top and your fingers underneath. For a backhand throw (the most common), your grip should be firm but comfortable, with the edge of the disc snug against the inside of your last knuckles.

Stance: For a backhand throw, stand with your side facing the target, feet shoulder-width apart. Shift your weight from your back foot to your front foot as you throw.

4. Master the Throwing Techniques

Backhand Throw: Swing your arm across your body, releasing the disc at waist level. Aim to keep the disc flat and level for a straight flight.

Forehand Throw (Sidearm): Hold the disc with a side grip, lead with your elbow, and flick your wrist at the end of the throw. This technique is useful for curving the disc in the opposite direction compared to a backhand throw.

5. Practice Putting

Putting is throwing the disc into the basket from a short distance. Focus on accuracy rather than power. Stand facing the target, use a gentle wrist flick, and aim for the chains above the basket to guide the disc in.

6. Learn the Rules and Etiquette

  • Tee Throws: Each hole begins with a tee throw. Tee throws must be completed within or behind the designated tee area.
  • Lie: The spot where your previous throw has landed. The next throw must be made from directly behind this spot.
  • Out of Bounds: If your disc lands out of bounds, you incur a penalty stroke and play from the previous spot or a designated area near where it went out.


  • Play in order, allowing the player with the furthest disc from the basket to throw first.
  • Be mindful of other players and park users. Wait until the area is clear before throwing.
  • Maintain a good pace of play and let faster groups play through.

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