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Looking for summer entertainment at a local sandbox?  Playing in the sand is excellent for a child’s development and is relaxing as well.  Sand is great for tactile sensory play, allowing children to explore a new texture.  Sand is also good for physical development such as fine motor skills; scooping and pinching and carrying heavy buckets work the muscles in the arms and hands.  Want to work on social skills?  Head to a sandbox with other peers and the kids can work together to share space and materials. 

Where can you find sandboxes in Central Indiana? 

Founders Park

11675 Hazel Dell Parkway, Carmel

This park has a sand ‘river’ where children can sit and dig. There are several shade structures along this winding sandbox, and it is long enough to accommodate many children. There is also a small shower as you exit so that you can rinse the sand off before leaving the park.

Coxhall Gardens

11677 Towne Road, Carmel

Located in the Northeastern corner of Coxhall Gardens, is the children’s garden area. There, will find a giant sand ‘moat’; the center being a concrete ‘island’ with 3 shaded bench areas. The sand pit is very large and can accommodate a crowd. The landscaping throughout the children’s garden is well maintained and there are spots for adults to sit. 

River Road

12575 River Road, Carmel

This Carmel park is for the naturalist. All of the features are incorporated into the landscape. There is a good size sandbox, one that could fit several children easily. There are ‘bones’ to uncover, that are built into the structure.  This spot has some mature trees and some shaded seating away from the sandbox, but the sandbox itself is in full sun. The most unique part of this sandbox is that it is handicap accessible. While there is not a paved path leading to the play area, there is a gravel one; an adaptive stroller would do fine on the surfaces, a wheelchair may struggle a bit.

Forest Park

701 Cicero Road, Noblesville

Forest Park is a very large park, so you will want to consult a map if you haven’t been there. The sandbox feature is in the center, close to the carousel and small playground. There is a digger that the kids can sit on and use the levers to dig. This sandbox has plenty of shade, so great for sunny days.

Fishers Agripark

11171 Florida Road, Fortville

It might have a Fortville address, but the Fishers Agripark is part of the Fishers Parks Department. This park is a 33 acre working farm and is only open seasonally (May through October).  In the center of the large play area is a tractor tire and sand structure.  There’s also a digger for kids to sit on and maneuver 

Pseudo “Sandbox” Areas

While not originally intended to be a sandbox, these sand volleyball areas double as spots for little ones to explore the sand.
Roy G Holland Park, 1 Park Drive, Fishers
Canterbury Park, 5510 Carvel Avenue, Indianapolis
Washington Township Park, 115 S. County Road 575 East, Avon

Take a snack, sunscreen and we love baby powder to help remove stubborn sand from our skin. Don’t forget water and of course sand toys! The Indy area has a few fantastic outdoor sandboxes in pay-to-play areas as well. Check out Conner Prairie or Tuttles Orchard for more than just fun in the sand. Check out area beaches for even bigger sandbox play!


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