AgriPark in Fishers | Real Farm Park with Free Produce

This 33-acre urban farm aims to inspire future generations of farmers, scientists, agronomists, robotics engineers, chefs, and more. The first we’ve seen of this kind, the AgriPark is a city park that’s actually a working farm. The learning opportunities are endless. Your child can feed a horse, cook their favorite dish in the mud kitchen, and create nature based art in the community barn, as just a taste of the opportunities for hands on learning.
[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”O40I8NvH” upload-date=”2020-07-31T14:28:35.000Z” name=”Fishers AgriPark Tour | Real Farm, Mud Kitchen, Nature Playground” description=”The newest park in Fishers is a hands on farm park! This working farm grows real food and has livestock to look at. Plus, there’s a fun nature playground.” player-type=”default” override-embed=”default”]
The AgriPark is a community park that aims to educate future generations on the importance of farming. Your kids will have the opportunity to learn about growing a variety of crops, such as tomatoes, corn, squash, lettuce, and peppers. They have 13 acres dedicated to growing delicious fruits and vegetables, and plan to continue to harvest and offer them to the community free of charge.

The city of Fishers has plans to expand this urban farm to offer a variety of events, such as a fall festival, hands on learning experience with their animals, STEM activities, and more!  Currently, they have horses, cows, and sheep, and will soon be adding chickens to their livestock. Your kids will be able to see and interact with the animals up close, and when a staff member is present, you can even touch them and help feed them! My family had the best time hanging out with Spirit, the AgriParks beautiful horse, and feeding him some delicious carrots as a tasty treat.

The Fishers AgriPark strives to offer a welcoming environment for the community to engage, and learn in a hands on way. The nature based playground is no exception! The playground is made entirely of tree branches, and carved tree trunks. There are seesaws, teepee huts, leaping pads, and so much more to explore. They also have a tire tower, where your kids will love getting out their energy, and playing in the sand pit beneath it. Do you have an aspiring chef? Let them get creative with the fully functional mud kitchens available for imaginative play. Equipped with flowing water, basins, and more, your kids will have the best time creating and splashing in these fully functional mud kitchens.

The city of Fishers makes every effort to be inclusive and think of all guests when designing community parks, and the AgriPark is no different. Coming soon is a sensory play area, for children of all ages and abilities. In the barn, you will also find multiple portable bathroom units, as well as a hand washing station. The city is also providing a changing table, so you can lay your little ones down to change them in a clean and sanitary environment.

Looking for some shade? The nature trail located on site is a perfect walk in the woods, and easy on those little legs. The trail is a nice five minute stroll, that connects the nature playground, to the livestock pasture, and is totally shaded. On a hot summer day, it was the perfect break from the heat.

You will want to visit the Agripark this fall! The crisp air, and autumn scenery, will be the perfect backdrop for the fall activities planned at the AgriPark. They hope to have a corn maze, pick off the vine pumpkins, and hands on children’s activities for you and your family to enjoy together.

The barn is centralized in the middle of the AgriPark, and is where you will find hands on activities for your kids to enjoy! Today, we created a chick, painted a rock, and were able to color and stamp a canvas bag, which is what we used to bring home all of our yummy produce! The staff at the Agripark are so friendly and great with kids. They hope to offer events for kids to have a hands on encounter with the farm animals, such as shaving and spinning wool. In addition, they desire to bring in community partners to teach about dairy, soybeans, and other agricultural topics!

The future is bright for the Agripark, they have big dreams and a strong passion for serving and educating the community. There is a section of farm land that will be dedicated to produce for the Fishers Test Kitchen, located in The Fishers District, for an authentic farm to table experience, with community sourced produce. They also plan to expand their educational programming, add more livestock, and bring in local talent and educators to enhance the learning environment with community events in the barn.
The Agripark plans to open for the general public in September, where you will be able to immerse yourself in this one-of-a-kind urban farm. This opportunity to share with your children the process of gardening, farming, and sustainable living is a unique opportunity, that you will want to add to your fall plans! Looking for more things to do in nature this fall? Check out the best fall camping right here in Indiana. 

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  1. From what I see and read this Aripark is mainly for children; is that correct. I don;t see senior;s or parents taking part. Please explain what there is for adults to do out there as well. JoAnn

    1. Adults can do all of the same things. Our website exists to share what there is to do with children which is why you don’t see parents or seniors taking part, however adults can do the exact same things. Hope that helps.

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