Places to Visit Farm Animals around Central Indiana

Every walk I have taken with my children since the beginning of time, has included stopping a stranger to ask, “Hi. Can I pet your dog?”

As a family filled with animal lovers, it’s no wonder we get pumped over the opportunity to get hands-on with animals. Walking around the zoo is one thing, but getting to pet, hold, and feed an animal? It’s a completely different experience. What better place to do all of that, than on a local farm filled with animals?

We have put together a list of some of our favorite farms in Indiana, where you can get up close and personal with some sweet and snuggly animals.

Where to Visit Farm Animals in Indiana

The Apple Works Orchard

8157 S. 250 W., Trafalgar, IN

The Apple Works Orchard is one of our favorite stops during those apple-filled Autumn months, but there is plenty going on there right now!

Animals to Visit: Goats, llamas, ducks, peacocks, sheep, and chickens are onsite, with ponies also arriving soon! Make sure you bring some quarters with you. There are coin operated feeder machines available, and they love the attention.

Hours of Operation: Friday-Saturday 9a-5p, Sunday 10a-5p

Other Things to Do on the Farm: Visit the farm store, check out the greenhouse, walk the grounds, set up a tour, play on the playground, dare the Super Slide, or attempt the Baffling Bamboo Maze.


City Ranch

10884 E. County Road 100 S., Indianapolis

The motto at City Ranch is “Life’s a Journey, Enjoy your Ride!” That’s just what you will get to do when you schedule a visit.

Animals to Visit: Donkey, horses, baby deer, goats, lambs, turkeys, peacocks, silkies, a tortoise, and parrots

Hours of Operation: Open by reservation only (317) 652-1466

Other Things to Do on the Farm: Carriage, cart, or pony rides are available, along with trail rides. They also offer a ranch camp and pony parties.

Cook’s Bison Ranch

5645 E. 600 S., Wolcottville

Starting in 1939 as an 83-acre farm, this unique destination is now home to a herd of almost 400 bison you can get up close and personal with!

Animals to Visit: Bison

Hours of Operation: Saturdays 10a-3p, tours depart on the hour (Limited weekday tours are available by advance reservation only.)

Other Things to Do on the Farm: Schedule a wagon ride to see and feed bison, then head on over to the gift shop to purchase bison-related items.

Crabby Apple Orchard & Mini Farm

6397 S. IN-13, Pendleton

Known for their apple cider slushies and fresh sliced caramel apples, Crabby Apple Orchard is soon to be known for their newest addition–a mini petting zoo. (We aren’t talking small in structure size, all of the animals here are miniature!)

Animals to Visit: Baby Mini Donkey, mini pigs, mini goats, mini sheep, and baby chickens.

Hours of Operation: Open to the Public Wednesday-Friday 5-8 pm & Saturday-Sunday 10 am-6 pm.

Other Things to Do on the Farm: Visit the orchard market for fresh produce, items made in-house, and other locally made goods. The property is incredibly kid-friendly, with bouncy houses, hay rides, and gem mining. Take a relaxing walk around the orchard and through the garden. Be sure to watch the Facebook page for special events, like family movie nights and live music events.

Dollie’s Farm

3961 N. 425 E., Franklin 46131

We love to visit Dollie’s Farm during different times of the year and harvest our own lavender, mint, or beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers. A highlight for the kids is always getting to feed the chickens, and this season Dollie’s Farm has some new additions- two peacocks named Mr. & Mrs. Bloom!

Animals to Visit: Chickens and Peacocks are available to visit and feed. (Feed is available for purchase, just a quarter per package.)

Hours of Operation: Open to the public as of 6/12, Wednesday- Friday 4p-7p & Saturday-Sunday 9a-7p

Other Things to Do on the Farm: Visit the gift shop for items made on the farm and locally. Spend time outdoors playing on one of the swings, pack a lunch to eat at one of the picnic tables, or challenge the kids to a game of corn hole, giant yard Jenga, dominoes, or Twister. Relax at one of the many seats to rest among the flowers, and pick some to take home!

Fishers AgriPark

11171 Florida Road, Fishers

The Fishers AgriPark has been a huge hit and a welcome addition to the community in Fishers, providing educational opportunities and allowing community members to access fresh, seasonal produce they can pick right on the farm.

Animals to Visit: A crossbred steer named Mudsock, a Rocky Mountain horse named Spirit, a Rhode Island Red hen named Henrietta, and three sheep named Carla, Darla, and Marla.

Hours of Operation: Tuesday- Wednesday 10a-2p & Thursday-Saturday 10a-6p

Other Things to Do on the Farm: Explore in the nature play area, visit the sensory garden, and have a look about the growing fields.

Goat Conspiracy

6022 E. Kent Road, Bloomington

Goat Conspiracy is along for the ride every step of the way, from a baby goat’s birth on the farm, through the small batch production of soaps and artisan cheeses only available locally. They value the local community and have a huge focus on sustainability, all of which is apparent with a visit to the farm.

Animals to Visit: Over two hundred goats three varieties: Nigerian Dwarf, American Lamanchas, and Oberhasli goats, plus tons of chickens and two roosters

Hours of Operation: Open by Appointment only

Other Things to Do on the Farm: Attend a goat yoga class, sign up to learn the basics of soap making, take a tour, stay overnight in the on-site cabin, and schedule special events (with or without goats.)

Goat Milk Stuff

76 S Lake Rd N, Scottsburg

Goat Milk Stuff is well known for their “stuff” made from goat milk, like their amazing soaps, candies, and cheeses available on-location or online, but you can visit the starts of the show right here!

Animals to Visit: Goats galore and the dog breed who lives with alongside them as their guards and protectors, Great Pyrenees

Hours of Operation: Schedule your experience here

Other Things to Do on the Farm: Visit the sweet shop, candy shop, or cheese shop for a delicious treat. Check out the beautiful gardens, and take a tour of the grounds.

Goat Snuggles, Inc.

23820 Cornell Road, Noblesville

The goal of Goat Snuggles, Inc. is to spread joy and therapeutic comfort with their goats. As someone who has recently gotten the opportunity to love on a baby goat, I can wholeheartedly get behind their sentiment that it is almost “impossible to be sad around goats!”

Animals to Visit: 27 Goats are available on-site, with 14 available to get snuggly.

Hours of Operation: Open daily from noon-7 pm, by reservation only

Other Things to Do on the Farm: Goat Yoga classes are regularly available

Heavenly Acres Farm

8241 IN-32, Thorntown

Get the chance to experience a day in the life on the farm at , through a private reservation or through one of the free community events Heavenly Acres Farm puts on annually, like their Easter Egg Hunt, 4th of July Celebration, or Fall Fest.

Animals to Visit: Donkey, mini horse, mini mule, alpaca, goat, sheep, and pigs. You have the opportunity to interact with all of them, with varying options to pet or hand feed some of the animals.

Hours of Operation: Tours are available by Reservation Only

Other Things to Do on the Farm: Check out the creek, camping/ overnight opportunities, or help out on the farm with available activities, such as shearing sheep, bailing hay, or milking. There is always something going on at the farm!

Jenkins Forever Farm

8188 S. PR 435 W., Edinburgh

The goal at Jenkins Forever Farm is to provide a sanctuary for animals, with a strong focus on unadoptable animals, providing them a safe and loving location for them to live out their best days.

Animals to Visit: Go into the pastures to feed and visit the cows, alpacas, pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, turkey, barn cats, ferrets, and iguanas.

Hours of Operation: Open by appointment only.

Other Things to Do on the Farm: Learn about the farm’s sanctuary efforts.

LinChris Alpaca Farm

You feel instantly welcome and at home on this little, family run farm. My kids instantly ran to the swing in the tree out front, and the owner was so kind and informative during and leading up to our visit.

Animals to Visit: Alpacas of all ages, barn cats

Hours of Operation: Open by appointment only.

Other Things to Do on the Farm: Visit the gift shop, which features alpaca products, such as socks, yarn, and stuffed animals.

Little Eagle Creek Valley Farm

This small, family farm provides an intimate setting to see sheep and wool, learning the process of how to humanely go from sheep to sweater.

Animals to Visit: Sheep, including babies, older sheep, rams, and ewes

Hours of Operation: Twice a week, the public is invited on weekdays to help come tame lambs. Available by reservation on weekends.

Other Things to Do on the Farm: Enjoy the farm setting or get the chance to watch wool being spun, dyed, and presented on a loom.

Montrose Alpaca Farm

3750 N County Road 950 E, Brownsburg

The animals always come first here, and proper care is their number one priority. This farm has a bit of history to it, specific to the local area. The land was founded in 1824 by James Brown, for whom Brownsburg is named.

Animals to Visit: Alpacas

Hours of Operation: Open by appointment only.

Other Things to Do on the Farm: Take an educational tour, stay overnight, try out alpaca yoga, check out one of their other special events, or plan one of your own.

Oinking Acres

8420 N County Rd 650 E, Brownsburg 46112

Since opening their doors in 2017, Oinking Acres has taken in close to 300 unwanted potbellied pigs and other farm animals from the community, with the goal of rehabilitating and rehoming, or providing a refuge for the animals deemed unadoptable.

Animals to Visit: Pigs! When you make your reservation, be sure to also bring some apples, carrots, or produce with you, for the piggies to munch on.

Hours of Operation: Available by Reservation only.

Other Things to Do on the Farm: Plan a private event.

Traders Point Creamery Farm

9101 Moore Road, Zionsville 46077

Traders Point Creamery is full of fun things to do, but the thing they pride themselves on the most is producing food at its very best, organically and locally grown for their community.

Animals to Visit: Chickens and cows

Hours of Operation: 10 am-5 pm Daily

Other Things to Do on the Farm: Self-guided tour around the farm, visit the farm store for dairy products, and restaurant and dairy bar (ice cream made on the farm), special events

Westwind Farm

701 N Co Road 725 W, Yorktown 47396

This historic farm was built in 1900 and was originally a 30-acre dairy farm. The original barn construction is still in place and you are able to explore the historical aspects of farming through this feature.

Animals to Visit: There is a full petting zoo here, featuring a goat, sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks, turkeys, alpacas, a horse, Great Pyrenees, and farm cats.

Hours of Operation: Hours vary throughout the year. Be sure to check their Facebook events to stay current on farm happenings.

Other Things to Do on the Farm: Bottle feed baby animals, check out the pioneer village area, fairy garden, yard games, playground, bounce house, and explore farm life, such as gathering eggs.

There are so many great experiences for the kids here, each one special in its own way. For more opportunities to visit animals around Indy, check out these Indy Animal Encounters.

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