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If you’ve been an IWK reader for a while, you may have realized that I have a (totally healthy) obsession with farms. When I was younger, my sister and built a farm town on a dinning room table top in the garage. We used band aid boxes for houses, worry dolls for people, plastic farm animals from the drug store for our cattle, Hot Wheels for our vehicles and cigar boxes as our barns. We spent entire weekends in our dad’s workshop perfecting our beautiful farm town, we called it Rocky County. I have no idea why but that was the name and it just stands out in my memory.

When our family has a special occasion and my sister in law is in charge of planning it, we head out to Zionsville to Traders Point Creamery  (9101 Moore Road) to enjoy a meal at the Loft. The setting is beautiful, the food is fresh and delish and there’s a lot to see which is convenient when you have a very busy toddler that LOVES to be outdoors.

Trader’s Point offers two different types of tours: a 45 minute private tour for groups of 12 or more ($6 per person) or a self guided tour ($2 per person) with a pass and a map. The paths on the tour are stroller (and wheelchair) friendly! Your self guided tour will take you around the farm where you’ll see calves, chickens and the Traders Point herd. You’ll see the milking parlor (milking is done every day at 4pm — check it out) and you can watch production of Traders Point products through the creamery window.

The property is so beautiful! After you check out the farm, hike the 1.3 mile trail that takes your through the pasture and along Eagle Creek! Bring a picnic lunch and a bottle of water. Depending on your schedule, you may want to hike this part of the trail BEFORE you tour the farm and watch the 4pm milking because at 3 pm, the Eagle Creek trail must be clear because that is when the herd is moved.

Traders Point Creamery also offers a Farmers Market, a store, summer camps and other events year round.

9101 Moore Road

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