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Apple Works is for sale! After 30 years, the owners of Apple Works are retiring. Is anyone looking for an investment opportunity? We love this apple farm and pumpkin patch and many Indy families have wonderful memories of visits to The Apple Works. The asking price is $3,595,000. The real estate listing says that there is a lot of space to grow, perhaps with a vineyard or wedding barn.

The Apple Works property is 135 acres with “3 lakes, 25-acre orchard producing 12,000 bushels of apples, 22-acre pumpkin patch, custom built sales barn, large shelter house & stage for events & weddings, certified kitchen for large scale production of baked goods & fudge, family activities, and so much more!”


The Apple Works is a fun place for our family. Apple Works is located at 8157 South 250 West, Trafalgar, IN and during the season, is open Monday Through Saturday 9am to 6pm, Sunday 10am to 6pm.

At Apple Works there are a lot of different animals to see AND a goat tree house! They have climbing goats that like to spend some time up in the trees by way of steep ramps built just for them! For a quarter you can get some food that they will gladly snuffle right out of your hands.

As the name might suggest, Apple Works is famous for it’s apple orchards and you can stop by their store and sample some of their 60+ varieties and then take some home with you. We really love the fall activities (beginning after Labor Day) including the pumpkin patch where you pick your own pumpkin off the vine!

Everyday you can enjoy free admission and free access to the Super Slide, the farm animals including those tree house goats I was telling you about, a Bamboo Maze and the Gardens and Nature Trail.

On the weekends you can try out a few other activities for a small fee such as wagon rides to  the Pumpkin Patch (you can hike it if your children are a bit older or you bring a wagon. During the week we were able to drive our own car there), Train Rides, Pony Rides, Apple Shots and the Corn Maze.

When people ask which pumpkin patch I recommend for them to visit, Apple Works is always in that list. Select somewhere close to your home and support that business, if a particular pumpkin patch has an attraction that your family would enjoy, it’s worth the drive. Sometimes it’s fun to make a tradition of going to the same place year after year and sometimes it’s fun to to try a new place every year

8157 South 250 West

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    2. I hope someone can buy this up and make it better than ever. We used to love coming here but it has failed us for the last 2 years.

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