P&D Flower Farm with Kids | U-Pick Flower Farm Near Indy

Relaxation is something we all strive for these days and a field full of u Pick flowers is a fun way to achieve it. From huge dahlia blossoms to cream and red sunflowers, P&D Flower Farm has awesome variety in their field of flowers. They also have picnic tables, benches, and even a barn adorned with flowy curtains and chandeliers in which you can take a break from the ordinary. 
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U-Pick Flower Farm Near Indianapolis

P&D farm, located at 7749 E. 1000 N, Indianapolis, is a short drive from downtown. It is open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from June through October from 10 am-6 pm. Hours can change due to weddings or other events at the farm so be sure to check the P&D Flower Farm Website or P&D Facebook Page before your visit.

After you turn onto the gravel drive, signs will direct you to the u Pick area. Your adventure will start at the cute cottage-like pale yellow Flower Shed. On our recent visit, we were greeted outside the shed and given a bucket with water along with trimmers. The young lady working instructed us on pricing and where different flowers were located. Sunflowers, in the field to the right, are $1 each. Dahlias, near the front of the field and also in the owners’ personal garden nearby, are $2 each. All other flowers in the field are 7 for $5, up to 28 for $20. Flower stems you cut should be about 10 inches long so you have long enough stems to trim for vases. 

Picking Your Flowers

The flowers are well spaced out, so maneuvering a jogging stroller through the field is no problem, and social distancing is not an issue. There are some areas of uneven ground, so toddlers do best in a stroller. It will keep them from trying to stomp on the flowers like my little guy tried to do, too. The trimmers are sharp, so it is best if a parent holds onto those. Otherwise, feel free to roam the field and cut your favorite flowers. If you have any questions about where to cut the flowers, people working at the farm are happy to help.

We decided to pick some of the gorgeous dahlias on our visit. On this particular day, all flowers P&D needed to make wedding bouquets had been picked, so there were extra dahlias available. Since they were in the owners’ personal garden, we were asked to have them escort us to the garden to make sure we cut them in a proper way. It was interesting to learn to cut the dahlias at the “Y” and to learn the name of the specific flowers. We had never heard of Spider Dahlias and I never knew there were so many varieties.

Viola! Beautiful Bouquets

When you’ve finished picking flowers (or when your kids tell you it’s time to go, like in my case), take your bucket to the Flower Shed. There is one cashier area inside and one outside, so the line moves quickly. This is where the “magic” happens. I was impressed by the P&D owners and employees and how they could turn buckets full of flowers into as many bouquets as were requested. We walked away with one dahlia bouquet and one mixed flower bouquet, each wrapped in brown paper and twine. A small bag of flower food with instructions was even attached. If you’d rather walk away from the farm with a ready gift, the Flower Shed has vases for sale from $3-10. They even have P&D Apparel and gift cards available. 

Girls Night Out and Family Events

The farm regularly hosts events and classes, both private and public. Upcoming classes include bouquet making workshops and calligraphy classes. Each bouquet making workshop has a theme such as bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and harvest wreaths. These two hour workshops feature a variety of flowers along with techniques, supplies, and Brandywine Creek wine. Calligraphy classes are two hour classes held in the morning and have Panera breakfast available. 

Regularly scheduled events include mini photoshoots, a Farm and Craft Market, Late Nights at the Farm, and Wine and Music on the Lawn. The mini photoshoots are done by Darlin photography and reserved in 30 minute sessions. Farm and Craft Markets occur sometimes on Sunday afternoons and feature local vendors. At the Late Nights on the Farm, you are encouraged to bring a picnic and listen to live local musicians. They also make a bonfire and have apple cider and s’mores available for purchase. Enjoy wine and live music at the Music on the Lawn nights. 

You are asked to RSVP on the P&D website if you plan to attend any classes or events so they can plan accordingly. If you decide to attend at the last minute, they say you are still always welcome without the RSVP.

Relax and Escape at the Farm

Plan a trip to P&D Flower Farm soon and achieve the relaxation you so desperately need. Whether you pick from their abundance of flowers or attend a class or come to listen to music, they have something for everyone to escape the ordinary.

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