How to Get Cheap Tickets for Kids Shows and Save Money

Our family is so fortunate to get to attend so many activities because of my career. My kids love going to shows, parks, plays, games — wherever there’s activity, they want to be there. When we found out Disney on Ice was coming to town, I knew I wanted to surprise them with tickets. Tickets for big shows with huge productions can be very expensive and as a family of six, we’re always looking for the best deal so we can stretch our budget to enjoy as many events as possible.

{I wanted to let you know that you can WIN tickets to Disney on Ice + a VIP ride in a submarine for your kids!}

How to Save Money at Disney on Ice and other productions for children:

  • Buy your tickets early – Often, the less expensive tickets go quickly so don’t miss out on a great deal because of procrastination.
  • Promo codes are available for a limited time, usually right after a show you’ll get an offer for the next time it returns to town.
  • Generally, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis offers special pricing on tickets for members.
  • Groupon is a great place to find discounted tickets for shows.
  • Join a group of moms or create a group to get a group deal. I am a member a couple of Indianapolis moms groups and we were able to get a special group rate. Be prepared to attend shows on specific dates and times for that discount — but it’s worth it.
  • Avoid ticket fees by purchasing directly from the box office in person. Bankers Life Fieldhouse has daily box office hours AND there’s free parking on the curb for 20 minutes right in front of the arena.
  • Organize a field trip with your child’s school. The field trip rate for many attractions and shows can save you a lot of money.
  • Check the production company website or social media for promotions they might be running in your area or nationally. If you don’t find something, it never hurts to ask. Reach out on social media.
  • Look into the rules on ages for lap children. One of my kids is still young enough to not have to pay admission to MOST events, this is nice on the pocketbook! If there are empty seats elsewhere in the arena, you might be able to move to them partway into the program. Then you can spread out and allow your lap child to have a seat!
  • When it comes to children’s programs (ESPECIALLY Princesses), many children will likely be dressed up. They might also be wearing shirts that are specific for that tour. Check out Goodwill or a consignment store for those princess dresses, check discount stores for a special shirt you can present your child with at the show.
  • Glowy, sparkly, flashy stuff is expensive. And it’s all for sale at a premium price at the venue. Other kids will have it and most of the time, my kid wants it. Instead, we stock up on fun flashy stuff at the dollar store and on Amazon throughout the year (like this one and this one). We’ve heard rumors in the past that these get confiscated at the door, but we’ve never had to give ours up.
  • Snacks are tasty and fun and they keep young kids quiet longer. They are also costly and there are lines to stand in to buy them…I don’t want to miss the show! Feed the kids before you leave. Check with your local venue for rules about what you can bring into the venue. We pack empty water bottles to fill at the drinking fountain and snacks when we are allowed. Be sure to confirm what is and isn’t allowed or just be prepared to forfeit it. Bankers Life does not allow outside food and drinks.
  • Find street parking if it’s available. Locally we pay $1 per hour on the street (right across the street from the venue). Bankers Life no longer has 1/2 price roof parking.
  • Carpool with another family and split the cost of parking. Bonus points if you can find another mom who is trying to save money and has used some of the tips above. Your kids will love that they have the same party favors and snacks as the other kids in your party… it gets difficult when the families next to you are holding Mickey shaped lollipops and cotton candy with princess cups full of stadium lemonade.

Have a great time!

Discounted tickets for 3 to Disney on Ice (2 seats and 1 lap child) + snacks from home + parking on the street + glowy, sparkly things purchased off site + 2 hand me down princess dresses = $25

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