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A couple of years ago, circumstances in our family made angels a very big focal point for my children. Slowly, the search for angels became a bit more focused on fairies. Call it a trend, call it timing, my daughters are fairy-obsessed. We’ve had entire weekend trips focused on fairies, we’ve attended fairy events, we watch fairy movies and we could not wait to dig and make a home for fairies to inhabit the our home.

Fairy Garden Workshops Near Indianapolis

Brawner’s Greenhouse in Fortville is popular for many things, backyard gardening, Christmas trees, poinsettias and fairy gardens. Not only do they have the largest selection of fairy garden supplies that I’ve ever seen in person, but they offer a workshop for guests to come in and enjoy putting together their garden in store.

Many guests will bring in a container or pot that they already have at home because it has some kind of sentimental meaning to them, others bring in their own container so that they can put the cost they’d spend on a container towards other features in their tiny fairy gardens. We opted to use a purchased container for our gardens ($20 average). You’ll have many choices, my youngest chose a shallow, circular metal planter and my five year old fell in love with a square shaped planter made from salvaged wood.

Fairy Garden Supplies

Everything from dirt, sand, colored rocks, wood chips and glass stones are priced a la carte so you have the optimal opportunity to create exactly the scene you want. There are several fairy habitats throughout the greenhouse to inspire you, which is how we ended up with a pond for our fairies to enjoy and a house with a grass roof.

Some features have electricity and moving water, but we opted for a simple but beautiful landscape for our fairy garden. The plants we selected were hand picked by my children based on recommendations for our sunlight and indoor and outdoor preferences for the gardens.

Call Brawner’s to find out the schedule for their Fairy Garden Workshops.

Brawner’s has created these workshops to be best suited for children age 8 and up. This is a complete hands-on step by step

workshop where you’ll learn the art of fairy gardening and build your very own fairy container garden. The class package price includes the basic supplies needed to create your own fairy garden but you can add on as many accessories as you like for an additional fee.

We have been proud fairy gardeners for nearly five four years and our habitats are growing strong, looking good and occupied by our resident fairies. My children love watering the plants and moving some of the features around. They are so excited toshow our gardens to every guest in our home.

Here are all of the Indianapolis fairy events and activities.

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